Jan 31, 2011

Why Oui Oui

I'm totally into french braiding my hair...maybe because I never knew I could do it until one day I was on a conference call & instead of picking at my split-ends, I decided to braid my hair out of my face. AND IT WORKED. It doesn't look professional (or like this for that matter), but I like that it's somewhat messy with my layers falling out in between. It's great for hiking / walking around to get my stupid grown-out bangs out of my FACE. I shall do a tutorial soon.

It was one of my good friend's birthday and I can't even remember the last time I went out. But I did buy this skirt at F21 in Columbus, OH, just in case I needed an appropriate going-out outfit. After I put it on, I spent the next 20 minutes figuring out if I should tuck in my shirt or leave it tucked out (I opted for tucking it in).
united colors of benetton sweater, f21 skirt, chinese laundry shoes
We went to Bar Copa, a place in Santa Monica, that I enjoy. I went there for my birthday & they play pretty good music...but the place is SO SMALL and it gets SO HOT. Like everyone looks like they spent 3 hours in a sauna by the time they leave...I'm talking bangs & hair sticking to your face, makeup smeared off, and random wet spots on your clothes (could be from the spilled drinks, or from your sweat...or even someone else's sweat. I KNOW.) But music is good.
I realize that all of my pictures look the same. I'm with the same group of guys and we (basically) always have the same expressions.

For those who were wondering, running has been good, but I'm really into hiking! Recently went to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood & while I didn't enjoy it as much as Mandeville in Brentwood, it was still fun to go with my friend. JUST CROWDED. And everyone goes to BE SEEN. WHY DO YOU NEED FULL MAKE-UP ON A HIKE? The views were nice, and you even got to see the Hollywood sign. But last Saturday I went to Mandeville by myself because it was closer & a little more...hiker-ish. Is that a word? Ugh, when did I become a HIKING SNOB?
me with my friend, rhona
you know i took mr. ez e!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Hmm, maybe since I don't style my hair, braiding would be a good thing to try! Yes, tutorial pls.

    I <3 Mr. EZ E, Ezio!

  2. hahahah i think i leave maybe 1 out of 3 meetings with a french braid! i can't help it, i get fidgety!

    do people really hike with a full face of makeup? WHY WHY WHY. i see people like that at the gym, too. in fact i've seen girls freaking touching up their makeup before working out.

    annnnd one last thing. i really really like your skirt.

  3. How did you get your braid to look like that? It's so cute! Mine never turns out that thick...I'm wondering if it's because I have really fine hair. :(


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