Jan 18, 2011

The Calorie Counter & Backpacker

I wore this to a dinner with my friends...we went to Outback Steakhouse. Did you know they now put the calorie count next to the menu items? WHY! Does not need to know how much a Bloomin' Onion is in calories! (I still ate it) Although, it does deter you from adding extra fries on the side.
lucie rose top, express shorts, aldo heels, jcrew bracelet
The weather in SoCal has been REDUNKULOUS you guys. I'm talking, it's like 80-degrees in the day, low 60's at night. Apparently we don't believe in much of a winter, and definitely don't believe in spring.

I've been taking advantage of this by doing what I've never done before...HIKING! Apparently that's like, the hip thing to do in LA...WHO KNEW? It's such a great workout, without you really knowing you're working out. I lie. Sometimes it's painful. Like is-this-hill-done-oh-when-will-this-pain-end-painful. But the feeling of accomplishment, plus the views (when the smog is gone) makes it all worthwhile. And yes...I take Ezio! Hikers are so friendly, like almost-scary friendly. Dogs are off their leashes, people offer your pooches water, and you can literally strike conversations with any passerbyer (definitely not the case when you're on the streets of LA).
on one side of the view - the pacific ocean
on the other side, downtown LA
the hills that we've just hiked - 2 1/2 miles in
my friend bri & i and our two pooches: duke & ezio
atop of one of the peaks
i'm pretty sure aliens did this
mister easy e chompin' at the bit to start walking
a pooped ezio gets the VIP treatment from rye bread
taking a breather!
one of my favorite pictures

Also, per your request! Extra pictures of Mister Easy E himself:

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  1. oh man, ezio is the cutes!! I like that little modesty leaf in the 2nd to the last pic, haha.

    Lucky! Why do you get to wear shorts in JANUARY when we had freezing rain this morning? No fair!

  2. omg your puppy is so cute! i swear, if i had a dog i would be in so much better shape...but not if i ate at outback steakhouse apparently :P
    love your shoes and your top!

    Fashion Bag 411

  3. ezio is a cutie!
    i'm always so scared to let my dog go leashless...he thinks being chased is a game so he'd probably take off... :(

    love all the pics!

  4. Hmm I keep hearing this thing about sense of accomplishment and stellar views when it comes to hiking, but I would argue I can get just the same amount of accomplishment from doing some power walking all afternoon shopping some outdoor boutiques!

  5. your dog is so ridiculously cute i want to puke. also, i'm loving the weather. except it got cold today and today just happened to be the day i forgot my coat. blergh

    i think i sort of like hiking but i don't think the bf does. consequently, i haven't been hiking in 3-ish years. which trail did you take?

  6. Hey lady! Ooooh I love the Bloomin' Onion! That's a cute, chic black and white look! Were you guys at Runyon? We should go to Runyon one day for a (short) hike :) Also, I moved on to my own .com- would be fabulous if you could update my link to http://www.wreckedstellar.com - talk to you soon! xo, mel

  7. Great pictures! Love the heels! Did you get your top at Nordstrom?



  8. So jealous of your weather and how do you manage to look great doing everything, even hiking?

  9. What a cutie Patootie!All your fur babies are adorable.



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