Aug 6, 2009

Black Cat, Nine Lives, Short Days, Long Nights

Everybody sing it with me! "Living on the edge not afraid to dieeee"

You know what happens when you run out of clothes? You steal your boyfriend's clothes. His button-downs don't really fit me, but desperate times call for desperate matters.
zara men shirt, black leggings and red belt from style xpress

Rye bread's sister loves Japanese magazines and while they're somewhat expensive (around $12+ per magazine), they are full of great pictures and style. (They can be bought at Mitsuwa, a Japanese market/food court). Japan's style is kinda weird because they're ahead of OUR style, but they are heavily influenced by American culture...but that makes it a great combination of looks that I would never think of, but actually CAN buy. Okay, some things are WAY out there, but for the most part, they're all really cute, everyday looks.

So one of the magazines had a spread on hairdos, so you know I had to try me mine. This is a twist on the half-bouffant by also twisting half of your bottom portion to the side:

It's really simple, all you need are a few bobbypins, a teasing comb, and some hairspray.
- Tease the crown of your hair at the roots and pull them together (like you were doing a half-ponytail), secure with a few pins
- Take half of the bottom portion of your hair and twist it inwards to about the center of your neck and secure with pins

That's it!
And you can't mention Japanese pictures without...
Stay tuned for more Japanese hairstyles...inspired by Americans...but that are ahead of America's time...huh? Exactly.

P.S. FINALLY did what my sister has been telling me to do and uploaded my images on smugmug...which = BIGGER PICTURES + BETTER QUALITY. w00t!


  1. Lol, I like how you topped it off with that victory/peace sign. It's interesting to see how you're doing the Japanese hairstyles inspired by Americans, but they're ahead of American fashion, or something.

    Do a Japanese makeup tutorial!

  2. cute. japanese mags have such fun things!

  3. seriously steph, i would like to say in the most non-lesbian way that you are FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!!! hahaha! ;P i love your hair! and the fact that you can rock in a men's shirt? awesome.

  4. i will have to agree with kym and second that gorgeous comment. you always looks good in ANYthing. and ever since you mentioned looking like the human ursula from the little mermaid (you did say that, right?), that's all i see. you could so be a disney princess. LUCKY!!!

  5. Japanese style is definitely ahead of ours, but to learn that it is inspired by us at the same time IS oh so very confusing! But anyway, I love your hairstyle that you did! You have beautiful hair. I wish my hair would grow longer fasterrrr! And your blog is awesome, I will be back :]

  6. Oh my goodness you are gorgeous! I love the hair and the shirt, you can't even tell it's your BF's! The red belt is fabulous. I've been trying to tease my hair but it never seems to stay up! Any tips?

  7. love the hair ! And I love the idea of wearing your bf's shirt.. I wear my bf's shirt with really really high heels .ehehh

  8. It looks adorable...and I love japanese magazines too, we have a store here in Honolulu that actually sells used ones for like a few $'s and regardless of how old they are, they are still way ahead of the game..

    You are so cute!

  9. lol, I love Japanese mags...keep the hair tutorials coming!! you look adorable, my husband is just too big for me to be able to wear his stuff! Ketchup is fun, it's pretty casual and is very "hip". The food is yummy, the white truffle crab mac n cheese is SO are the white truffle fries

  10. sooo pretty!!! wish i would know how to...

  11. cute! i love love japanese fashion mags. when i had a layover in tokyo on my way to singapore I bought 3 but spent like 30 minutes trying to decide which 3 to buy!

  12. Hello sexay!! That first shot is killer. Japanese mags are amazing, I really want to head down to my local store and pick up a bunch of their back issues.


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