Aug 14, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

So glad it's Friday!! I know you are too.

No new look today, but I did go out for a very good friend's birthday last night, and have pictures I just had to share. Mainly because I have the funniest expressions:

Who? What? Where? Why? Makes no sense.

And just in case you wanted to know how the make-up is done, it's super simple:

- Use a dark brown shadow over the crease of your upper eyelids
- Liquid liner with winged tips
- Curl lashes & mascara both upper & lower lashes
- Apply false eyelashes
- Line lower waterline with white pencil
- Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks (using MAC Coppertone)
- Apply lipstick, as seen in the previous post
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. You pull off that lip color very well!!! :D

  2. Make up looks stunning as always! Love the false eyelashes :]

  3. Aw, that first picture made me laugh out loud! You still look stunning in the most random of facial expressions :) And wow ... gorgeous eyelashes, and thanks for the tutorial with the lip, I'll definitely try that out!

  4. Looks like you had fun! Love the look I wish I could pull off a bold lip color!

  5. i do love the red lips on you. you pull it off effortlessly!

  6. You look gorgeous with that lipstick!

  7. that red lipstick looks great on you! and i love that first pic... its kinda funky! hehe! have a great weekend!

  8. oooo love that red... all your posts are lovely to read :)

  9. Before you didn't like wearing lipstick because of your full lips, and NOW it's working well BECAUSE of your lips! haha. Lookin' good!

  10. I love your looks and funny faces!

  11. you are smokin hot! I love your eyelashes, they are so gorgeous. I have no idea how to do falsies and I'm so scared they are going to fall off into my drink by the end of the night, LOL. (I am known for rubbing my eyes like crazy!)

  12. Love your make up! That red lipstick looks great on you! And you have amazing eyelashes!


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