Aug 13, 2009

My Lips' Like Sugar

I'm now obsessed with lip color, love rockin' the reds and now that fall is (not) coming around the corner, I hear plum and berries are back!

Here's a quick tutorial on long-lasting lip color, without having to buy...long-lasting lip color:

Prep by gently exfoliating your lips (I just gently run my toothbrush over my lips as I brush my teeth) and apply chapstick or lipbalm while you're prepping your make-up. I then slightly blot the chapstick before applying lipstick so that the doesn't slide off.

Step 1: Apply concealer to your lips - it allows the color to stay more "true" from the tube and it also adheres a little better to your lips
Step 2: Line your lips with a nude liner. I'm using Victoria's Secret in Nude Plum, but I'd also recommend Spice by MAC.
Step 3: Use a lipbrush to apply the first coat of lipstick. I'm using Sephora's lipbrush and Black Cherry by Revlon...which by the way, is Buy One Get One Free at CVS right now!
Step 4: Blot with tissue
Step 5: Reapply, directly from the tube, and touch up your lipliner, if necessary.
Final look:
Steph Note: If you're not used to wearing any lip color, I'd recommend doing your lips before you apply any eye make-up, simply to avoid looking like you're wearing too much make-up. Also apply blush after lips, but before your eyes.


P.S. Sorry I keep changing the pictures, I didn't like how the originals turned out! Hey, it keeps you comin' back. Lol jk.


  1. hmm i've never done the lips or cheek first. i just kind of already know not to overdo the eyes when i'm rockin the red. i love that berry color on you.

  2. great tutorial and tip! i never thought about lips first! i always do that last...get shocked..and go for a light gloss. hahahaha. i'm going to do it backwards now!

  3. hey beautiful...u always pull off w/ any color...i'm so envious!!! The only color i can wear is pink...and nothing else :(

  4. This post if chock full of tips! When I decide not to just wear chapstick, this will be handy!

  5. hot hot hotttt mama! okay random comment but i gently brush my lips with my toothbrush too! haha!

  6. I love spice too...I use it almost every day!

    great tutorial:)

  7. oooh! I love! gorgeous color on you definitely! My friends are always amazed at how long I make my lipstick last....trick when eating, when using a fork- use teeth instead of lips to take food looks a little bizarre, but worth it!

  8. The color looks great on you!

  9. I love that shade! Can't wait for fall colors to return :]

  10. Great tips! I actually like the color of your lips with the concealer one, it's a very nice nude look.

  11. What awesome tips!! Great tutorial and loving the lip color on you


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