Aug 5, 2009

Stand & Deliver

Last weekend was amazing - not only did both Rye Bread's sister AND my sister come in from out of town, but I went to the most awesomest show there was (yes, awesomest IS a word, thank you very much)...NO DOUBT. So to know me is to know my LOVE for No Doubt. As in, I've been a fan for 10+ years, been to most of their concerts (in town, of course), and am somewhat obsessed with Gwen. Not obsessed like I know her birthday and favorite color, just obsessed with her style and just coolness in general. She's so cool! WHY?! HOW?! Why can't I be just 1/10oth of her coolness???

And now, I share some photos:

l.a.m.b. sneakers, no doubt shirt (from a 2001 concert)
my ridiculously overpriced souvenir ND hoodie...had to have it!

the sounds, am a new fan & will totally rock this outfit when i go out next. watch for it!

paramore killed it
no doubt was nothing short of amazing

After seeing Gwen's awesome hair, I am now obsessed with it and have been practicing it for the past few days.
All you need:
- 3 rubberbands (hair ties)
- A few bobbypins
- Hairspray / hair product

- Separate your hair in 3 sections: bangs, top crown, and bottom layer
- Take the top crown of your hair and haphazrdly tie it in a knot/bun - leave ends sticking out, but making sure your sides are tight
- Repeat with bottom layer
- Take bangs and twist them upwards and pin with two bobbypins

That's it! Great for getting your bangs and hair out of your face, but much better than a boring ponytail! P.S. I tamed this down for work - I usually knot my bangs as well, but figured my boss would give me a major

I also tried something new with my liner after scrutinizing a picture of Gwen from their program. I lined my bottom inner corners with liner about halfway. The result: a slightly different look that made my eyes actually look bigger:

Next time I'm definitely going to try to rock the red lips, but with the crazy 'do and red lips might be too much for work. =)


  1. omg, how fun!! I love Gwen and LOVE the hair!! Rock it girl!

  2. your hair skills KILL me! no doubt is superfun to see glad you had a good time!

  3. This is awesome! Such a fun look. Hey, I learned a new trick w/ eyeliner. Very cool.

  4. Eee you're so lucky to see No Doubt! I've heard they amazing live! I'm in love with her style too. I so wish I were richer so I could actually buy LAMB stuff. The liner is a cool trick I'll have to try!

  5. i looooove no doubt.. i used to rock out to them when i was like... 8 years old. haha! ;P they're awesome! i love the gwen hair you've got goin' on! :)

  6. Oh man! My sister went to see No Doubt! So now I am jealous of her and YOU!!! I'm glad you had a fantastic time. xoxo

  7. i love no doubt! i love gwen!!! she is beyond cool. cooler than cool. COOLNESS to the 10th degree. i love her style, her face, her clothing line, her bags and her shoes. i have those same lamb shoes! yay for us. and that hairdo looks awesome on you but on me i'd look like a complete asshole.

  8. you are so cute. love the hair style, i couldn't rock it but you look great!

  9. Ah, love the No Doubt inspired-post, no doubt about it! (Wow, that was cheesy.) That hoodie is awesome, and you had some amazing seats and great pics! I have no clue if I could pull off that hair, but I'm going to try the liner sometime :) Glad you had such an awesome weekend!

  10. Love the Gwen hairstyle!! You rocked it so well. I agree that Gwen just oozes confidence and overall hipness. :)

    xo, Becs


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