Oct 20, 2011

The Animal Inside of You

It was one of our friend, Anthony's, birthday and we went to Animal Restaurant on Fairfax.  Their menu changes daily and it's all small plates, and INCREDIBLY delicious...super decedent.  The restaurant is small (seats about 45 people) and the ambiance is pretty chill.  Some of our fave dishes included: pork belly sliders, poutine, foie gras loco moco, bone marrow with chimichurri, and the bacon chocolate crunch bar (yes!).  After 15+ courses and 3 bottles of wine, it was a good night.
Aqua vest (similar one found here), Patterson J Kincaid tunic, Lululemon Wunderunder (similar one found here), LAMB pumps (similar ones found here)
Enough with the outfit, here are some pics of the food!  To be honest, we were SO hungry, that everyone started to dive in before I even got to take a picture of the food!  RUDE.  Don't they know I have a blog to upkeep?
pork belly sliders
fois gras loco moco
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  1. What an appropriate outfit for such a restaurant, haha.

    PS: You forgot to mention the BRAINS u ate.

  2. i love lululemon wunderunders!!!

  3. you look stunning. I'm going to have to check this place out. thanks for sharing love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Be sure to swing by Fash today i fyuo get a sec. xo



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