Oct 18, 2011

When I Gif, You Gif, We Gif

After a failed attempt at seeing the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA a few weeks ago, we were smarter this time around and bought our tickets in advance (who knew that a museum would sell out of tickets!  I figured since it's a constant rotating door, that would be impossible) - I was wrong.

Unfortunately they don't allow picture-taking in the exhibit, but if you're in LA and you haven't seen the Tim Burton exhibit, NOW is the time.  It ends on Halloween (fitting), so I know it's going to get super packed.  What was amazing was his ability to create so many characters and story lines with just various creatures, sartorial commentary, and you even get to see the hand-written script of The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I ended up buying his short story book, a journal, and stationary.  What can I say?  I liked what I saw and I had to get me some.

This was the only photo I was able to take, but still pretty awesome, right?

Since my friends and I were already at LACMA, we just had to to the obligatory "Urban Lights" photoshoot, which turned into random .gif making:

Don't mind my face or the fact that I have my hands DIRECTLY OVER my goodies, I was literally saying, "What kind of ANGLE is this?!?!"
zara shirt, 7 for all mankind jeans, f21 belt, jessica simpson booties
We also ran into a little someone I believe most people know or have heard of.  You know what the craziest part is?  HE HAD AN iPHONE.  It was probably the 4S too.  Do you think he waited in line?


Ryan and I will be visiting Tramanh and Tu in Seattle next week!! We'll be in town from Thursday, 10/27 - Monday, 10/31, and Tramanh and I are looking to do a meet-and-greet.  GASP!!!  So if you're in Seattle that weekend and would like to meet us up, PLEASE let us know so we can figure out the details - just add a comment on our Ask Phivy Forum.  Expect something like this, but a little less creepy:
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  1. Wow, i feel like the last person on earth that hasn't been to that lamppost thing. I also thought that YOU were doing the upside down splits in that picture.

  2. I literally LOL'd at the comment and picture of you and your friends with the "little someone"

  3. A meetup in Seattle! Aw I wish I was able to meet you two. Now I sound like a creepy stalker.

  4. love the last picture. HAHAH


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