Oct 25, 2011

Spruce it up, Make it pretty

Am I the only one TOTALLY EXCITED for the return of Portlandia in January?  I don't even have IFC and have to order the season through my Zune account on my Xbox.  One of my favorite skits is "Put a bird on it" where they go around putting birds on random things...but isn't it true?  When you see a blank tote bag, you don't even care about it, but the moment you see a bird on it, it's ethereal and "organic-looking."

Anyway, this Autumn, while everyone is into animal print in the traditional sense, I'm taking a different stance on it.  Instead of typical giraffe prints, leopard prints, and tiger prints, I'm about prints with ANIMALS ON THEM.  I love it!  I'm on the hunt.  (Pun intended).
ark & co bird print dress, zara pumps,black tights, martin + osa belt
Btw, this past weekend was Ryan's & my 4-year anniversary!  Yay us.  How did we celebrate?  Lunch a Benihana's, pizza dinner and a bottle of wine at home.  And Disneyland (of course).  We'll also be celebrating our anniversary in Seattle with Tramanh and Tu next week, so if you're in the SEA area, please let us know so we can meet up!


  1. I love Portlandia! It's so random and funny, like Flight of the Conchords. =)

  2. so gorgeous, congrats on your anniversary! love your blog and you on askphivy!

  3. You should wear that dress to San Juan Capistrano, if you ever go. haha.

    Yay, can't wait for Portlandia too! Congrats on your anniversary!

  4. Birdman would definitely approve of this dress!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary!

    I just saw the heels on Zara.com tonight and now I'm glad I actually got to see them on a person so I can go ahead and order them!


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