Nov 1, 2011

Seattle: Where Friendships Take on a Whole New Level

This past weekend was full of tomfoolery.  Tramanh and Tu definitely showed Ryan and me a good time and what Seattle has to offer.  Here is a play by play...with pictures because really, who cares about me writing stuff.

We land in Seattle and go straight to a bar (80s new wave night)...we were worried no one was there.  And we were right.  We were half of the bar's occupancy.
ryan waiting for tramanh and tu
just the beginning of the night
laughing because we did not like ANY of the pictures we originally took. TAKE ANOTHER ONE.
fixing our hair capes.
neither of us remember this picture, but i think it's our new favorite.

waiting for our stupid photobooth pictures to come out...worth it:
if you follow us on twitter, you've probably already seen this picture
what is happening
You guys, that was our first night - STRAIGHT FROM THE AIRPORT.  The next day, we went to Pike Place Market, since that was the thing to do.  We also went to the Aquarium because Tu and I really wanted to go, lol.
walking from the parking structure
never seen someone so happy to be wearing something
kyoot sea otter
pretty great picture of me
That night was good food, meeting new friends (May & Calvin, whom we love) and again, more drinking.  What did you think this weekend would encompass of?
shots of grey goose...why do Asians only drink top shelf? (an ask phivy question...true story)
das yo man
the explanation for this picture is slightly NSFW
so much ecstasy on tu's face
a pretty damn good LMFAO costume...and tramanh's husband.

Next day was the Seattle blogger meet-up.  I'm not going to even go into it, here are the pictures:
just getting to our seats, so excited
what we feared...
what actually happened (we just switched sides)
So...what we feared the most came true.  Alas, it was just Tramanh and me staring at each other commenting on our skin, hair, and lipstick colors.  It's okay though, maybe next time?  NO THERE WILL NOT BE A NEXT TIME, OK?!  To make ourselves feel better, we decided to go to F21 and wear slutty club clothes for a laugh.  It worked.
look at our muscular legs, looks good
It also happened to be a beautiful day in Seattle (a rarity, I hear) so we went to an awesome viewpoint where we took a few quick photos:
what happens when i wear 5 1/2" heels and tramanh doesn't. i am a GIANT.
this is the 2nd and only other picture i have with ryan the entire trip!
That night, we went to our new friend's house and chilled...played Apples to Apples (I one cared).  It was a PJ party and I was happy to not have to wear my 5 1/2" heels that night.  Everyone cooked while Ryan and I happily ate it all.
so relaxed

everyone cooking away
Next day, after lunch, Tramanh, May and I took our friendship to the next level by going to the piercing parlor.  Tramanh's piercing is the only one I can show:
tramanh got her septum pierced!
And finally, it was one last night in Seattle so Ryan and I treated May, Calvin, Tramanh and Tu to dinner:
new friends!
Where they forced us to take a Seattle-staple shot: Yeahhh buddies:
taste like lemon drops

An amazing awkward moments, just a lot of laughing, inside jokes, and tomfoolery.  I can't wait to go back!


  1. Your fist/arm is really big in that pic. Maybe not so curious about that one.

  2. Sounds awesome!! <3 you girls.. Reminds me of my bff.

    Asian top shelf drinker tip.. Order your goose 'neat' you get about 1.5-2 shots out of it, for about $1-2 more in most places... Yeeeaaah buddy!


  3. It took me ONE trip to fall in love with Seattle... I am also from California. <3 Anyways, awesome pictures! I want to try that YEAH BUDDDDDIES shot!

    No one came to the meet up?!?? Probably just intimidated :)

  4. You girls look like you had so much fun! And a huge OMG at Tramanh's piercing!

  5. You look SO SO happy in all of those pics, so gorgeous! (well, except for the blog meet-up one, that sucks that no one showed). I'd love to visit Seattle one day, looks like an awesome trip :)

  6. Aah! I would have gone to the meetup if I were in Seattle. I was there over the summer :C A couple months too early!

  7. aww :( , I was hoping to see more pictures of the meet up. BOO! YOU NEED TO COME TO BOSTON SO WE CAN BE FRANDS 4EVA! OR PHO IN CA! SO JELLY,I WANT TO MEET YOU GUYS! sounds so kiddie for saying that even though I'm 27 yrs old. lol.

  8. I would've totally gone to the meet up if I were in Seattle too! You girls are so ridiculously cute. Yall look like twinkies!

    I'm wondering if it's appropriate to ask what kind of piercing you got? haha


  9. What a fun visit! So much red lips and hair capes.

    Wow, I think Ryan and Tu's photobooth pics upstages yours and Tramanh's.

  10. What good times we had! Come back SOON for some more Ooah Ooah! ;)

  11. oh no to the "forever alone" moment :( that's why you guys should do a meet up in socal! i'll go fosure!! :)


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