Nov 3, 2011

One Last Summer

Have you ever found pictures (or money) and was like, "OH SWEET!  I totally forgot about you!"?  That's what just happened with this outfit post.  WHY DID I NEVER POST IT?  It's been like 6-8 weeks!  But it's one of my recent purchases that has quickly turned into a favorite. 

I bought this dress from a local LA store called MayMe that I did a "modeling" gig for.  And I use the term "modeling" VERY loosely.  They just needed some help showing off their return, I got a discount off this dress...that I stole from a mannequin. Shaisty.
MayMe dress, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms
I'm wearing Relvon's Orange Flip since it was summer, but it looks more coral on my skin.   I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did.

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  1. Orange lipstick is awesome! When I first tried one, I was afraid of making my lips look like a clown's but it's actually quite flattering.

  2. I think I officially own about 5 orange lip products.. All of them a bright coral-y shade! I'm officially on the hunt for a more pastel shade. They're do universally flattering!

  3. I just watched your 5 likes/dislikes with Tramanh and I love your freckles. You can see them kinda in these photos. My little seestar has them and she hates it, but I love/want them. I guess you always want what you can't have! Btw, that dress looks cute!

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