Nov 4, 2011

Feeling Refined

I was on a mad hunt for more pencil skirts, but not any pencil skirts, HIGH-WAISTED pencil skirts.  Because of my long torso, high-waisted skirts help even out my proportions, and also makes me look a lot slimmer/longer than normal slacks.  It's usually my go-to outfit when I have a work meeting or something fancier to attend.

This blouse was a great find in Ryan's parents' garage; one morning Ryan decided to get rid of unnecessary things in his parents' garage (you know how things can easily accumulate) and while sorting through a "keep/trash" pile of clothes, I found this blouse.  I love it!  Love the bow, the color and fit...and love the price - ZERO DOLLARS.
vintage red top (similar ones found here and here)
zara high-waisted pencil skirt (similar one here)
LAMB pumps (similar ones found here)
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  1. LOVE the blouse. The skirt makes you look mega curvaceous, but I think you should hem it up a few inches. Cuts you off at a weird spot!

  2. i wish i had great finds like this! lovely outfit :)

  3. Great outfit! And great price! haha.

    (Suddenly I want ginger ale)

  4. Omg, you're finally back!!!!! i need to update with some of your older posts:) But i saw briefly that you had an accidently with your finger? Ouch! hope you're fully recovered by now. And you looked so cute in Disneyland for your 4 yrs anniversary with your BF:D

    And your outfit! I loveeeeeeeee that cute bow top:) Found it in Ryan's parent's garage? What a lucky thing you are! I have those moments too where i find random things in my clost and im like, omg i totally forgot about that, haha

    Anyway, it's really good to see you back in the blogging world:)


  5. i love bow blouses + pencil skirts! that's a lucky find you got thurrr


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