Nov 14, 2011

Just an Orange County Girl

A great inside joke that I have with my mentor (and director) was when she had just gotten back from a client meeting and our conversation went like this:
Her: I just got back from the ARM PIT of California.
Me: Where?
Her: Orange County.  THE WERST.
Me: Where in OC?
Her: Some God-forsaken city, called Tustin.  It was the werst!!  We literally went from the client meeting and took a tram to a place called the Irvine Spectrum and went to Dave n Busters.  I wanted to die.
Me:  I'm FROM Orange County.  Specifically, from Tustin.
Her: WAT?  I mean, no, Tustin is cool.  Yeah.
Haterz gonna hate...but I honestly couldn't stop laughing.  I love Orange County and luckily because of work, I'll be down here for the next few weeks!  My best friend lives in Tustin so I'm bunking with her to avoid the dreaded 50-mile trek back and forth.
zara blouse (cooler version found here)
lululemon leggings
jessica simpson slouched boots (similar version found here)
uniqlo linen blend cardigan (similar version found here)
I'm working on the top-bun hair style, since it always looks so demure; unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my hair is so layered that it tends to have the "messy" bun look, versus a perfect ballerina bun.  I'll keep trying!


  1. Have you heard of the Asian hair donut? It's super easy and you get the perfect ballerina bun each time! I got mine on Ebay for around $5. It comes with 4 different sizes too. I got them for my bf's sister and she loves it!

  2. oh TUSTIN how underrated arst thou...! i technically sorta live there, haha. though i haven't actually slept there in years probably.

    (wtf does arst mean)

  3. which lululemon leggings are they?? do you recommend them?


    and I LOVE Tustin! Not sure what she's talking about ;)

  4. i love this hair do on you, and the outfit looks so great! your so freaken gorgeous

  5. lol! Look at all this Tustin love! Your coworker needs to visit CREAM PAN. *drools* So many good restaurants opened up after we moved too :|

    Oooo i know what I want for Christmas now. LEGGINGS.

  6. Steph, the top bun looks good on you! And I want to move to Tustin =( She's tripping.

  7. Hi Steph! I know Tramanh and Tu from back in Texas, I live in New York now but I just wanted to leave a comment that I really love your freckles! So cute and unique, I read Ask Phivy from time to time too and your I think you are so cute in the video answers. That's all. :)

  8. It´s great.

  9. Hey Steph! You look fab as usual... and I love the top bun on you with your sideswept bangs! Haha... funny convo! I've never been to Tustin and sadly rarely make it down to OC. Hope you're doing well! Aren't you loving this recent warm weather?!

    xx, becs


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