Oct 13, 2011

Where For Art Thou, Fall

No seriously, Fall, WHERE ARE YOU?  It is mid-October and literally, the high today is 101 in mid-LA.  I cannot handle this.

We had one day of rain earlier last week and it was bliss.  Now THAT is what Autumn is supposed to feel like, not this hotter-than-hell feeling.  It's really ruining the experience of me reading all these Fall Fashion choices when I know really, I'm wearing my summer dresses and Toms to work.

The wrap-around braid is one of my go-to hair dos when I'm feeling lazy and I'm tired of my wet hair touching my back.  Similar to how I braid my hair to get my bangs out of my face , I just continue with the braid, reaching it around the nape of my neck and all the way down to the other side.  It's a little tricky when you go from your right side to your left, but with practice, it gets easier.
f21 dress, h&m cardigan, martin + osa belt, toms shoes

This weekend is my sissy's bday - but she's all the way in Ohio, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER from sunny and hot California!  How's that 50-degree weather treatin' you?  HAW HAW.

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  1. oh god, my boner head. lol! Thanks! <3!

  2. Hey lady! LOVE the braid! You're making me wish I had long hair now. Aw, you and your sis are too cute. Temps are going to drop this weekend by about 20 degrees! Fall weather is on the horizon! Bring on the sweaters! :)

    xx, becs

  3. i love this outfit! the colors, the layers, everything is awesome! and what fun shoes too!

    cute & little

  4. I love the braid in the hair. Wish my hair was long enough for this.


  5. Adore your Toms, and your adorable dog! And happy birthday to your sis :) I will gladly send our rain your way, wish it was just crispy and mild instead of pouring right now!


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