Feb 11, 2014

#FBF: Suit Up

So because I've been MIA for...oh I don't even want to count the months/years, I figured this is a good opportunity to sprinkle in some fun times I've had that I haven't blogged about! Shortly after Ryan and I were married, we went to Vegas as part of a wedding gift from one of cousins / groomsmen, Anthony!

He surprised us with Justin Timberlake tickets and a free hotel stay! We decided to make it a group thing with Anthony and our other groomsmen, Arthur since it was his birthday that weekend. You guys practically know these boys by now, right?

We left Thanksgiving night.

That weekend we kept with the JT theme and decided to Suit Up! And I mean all of us, including me. Since I haven't worn an actual suit since my college graduation, I thought I would piecemeal it together with some high-waisted loose and tapered slacks, a white wifebeater (ha, my go-to) and a black blazer. But it was my LAMB shoes that I was excited about. These black and white pointy-toed heels are my new favorite heels. They make me cry when I wear them they hurt so bad, but damn, if they don't make the entire outfit, AMIRITE?

As always, before we go out, we decided to do a bit of a photoshoot. I got to channel my inner Gwen and would be lying to say it wasn't the most amazing time. I even pulled my hair back into two buns figuring with a blazer, keeping the hair out of my way would be best.

H&M pants, F21 blazer, Old Navy tank, LAMB heels

Saturday night, we didn't suit up, but I did want to dress up what I originally had brought with me so I figured instead of buying an entirely new outfit altogether, I would just dress up these plaid pants with a tuxedo blazer. This ended up being one of my favorite outfits I've put together last-minute...and it only cost me $30 at F21! Now you KNOW I had to keep with my Gwenabee status and keep my hair and makeup the same.

I swear, put us in front of a camera, and the only thing we're actually missing is...any musical talent.
F21 blazer, F21 black tee, Hot Topic plaid pants, Charles by Charles David booties

PS I just love this picture of me trying to take a selfie, Ryan being weird, and Arthur pouring alcohol. Very telling.

It may or may not become apparent that I don't dress typical "Vegas" style when I go to Vegas. And by that, I mean tight or revealing dresses...I think it's just not my style. I totally get why girls do it - I think I would if I liked it on myself - but for me, I would much rather dress "cool" than "sexy." And I'd rather have an amazing time at a club or bar than worry about if my dress is riding up or my boob is falling out or if a guy can see my chonies when I sit. So, for those girls out there who wonder if they have to wear a F21 or Bebe dress when they go to Vegas, I'm proof that you don't. I mean, you can, but you don't have to. Whatever makes you feel best.

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  1. I prefer the "cool" look on you, too!

    I also like how Ryan totally did NOT get the "smoldering stare" memo in that group photo. He's just too heppies to see JT!


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