Feb 11, 2014


I'm unsure if you guys know this but I started a new job in May! Ironically it's literally physically across the hallway of my "former" job so not much has changed in regards to workplace. My former coworkers and I all disbanded, finding new agencies and opportunities elsewhere. The agency I work for now recently won the Honda and Acura business so they started to heavily staff up in the same location where I worked at the job I've had for over 5 years. It's weird - it's the same hallways and same offices, but with new people actually occupying these areas.

What's crazy is that before I started working here, I was pretty content with being casual (jeans, a tee, and a blazer on a good day) and would only dress up when I felt like it (rarely if ever). Now that I have more coworkers, specifically, women coworkers, I feel the need to step my game up. Such a girl-thing, right?

For awhile I thought I could breeze by with my "SoCal steeze" but I quickly felt the JUDGEMENT and desire to dress a little more formal.

So I struggle - I want to keep it casual and cool but also want to seem feminine and like I put in the effort. We'll see how long this lasts before I revert back to my old ways...it doesn't help that I am forced into flats.
Lumiere sweater (from No Rest for Bridget in Huntington Beach),
H&M skirt, DV sandals (from TJ Maxx)

The ground was all weird and wet from the heavy morning fog, sorry it looks kinda gross, lol.

For the workplace, I've stopped wearing bright and bold lip colors, only because it's difficult for the bold colors to last all day with my million cups of coffee, tea, and water, and the annoying habit I have of touching my lips when I think. You have no idea how many pink and red fingerprints I have all over my notebooks and keyboard!! Instead, I found this really pretty rose color (a color I never thought I saw myself wearing) from Bobby Brown (Rose Blossom 11). 

In other news, I love the wedding questions on AskPhivy! Feel free to send any post-suggestions you guys would like to read about (e.g. how did you pick flowers, how did you narrow down the guest list, etc.) - I would love to post more about the wedding...now that it's over!

Questions? AskPhivy!


  1. LOL! Even Dallas doesn't want her booty to touch the gross, wet ground.


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