Feb 18, 2014

Polka Dotty

Lately I've been on a hunt for ankle cigarette pants but here's my problem:
1. I have a long body so all pants run low
2. I have short legs so all pants run long
3. Apparently my ankles are not in proportion to my booty so I can't seem to find pants that fit around the rear and don't flare out.


I tried Express, J.Crew, F21, and Old Navy with no luck, but my coworker recommended trying Target! And behold! I found 3 pairs of pants that somewhat worked out! I still have to fold the pants in a bit (eventually I will get them hemmed) but who cares! I bought 2 black pairs and a pair of olive colored slacks. AND found this polka-dot blazer on sale for $10! Man, sometimes I just want to live at Target.

I started to realize that with my short stature and weird body proportions, having ankle-length pants (jeans included) help with the illusion of longer legs, even without heels. I think when I have my jeans scrunched up or folded outwards, I not only look more casual but also squatter. 

Merona blazer, Merona pants, F21 shirt, belt from Nordstrom Rack, London Sole flats

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