Feb 9, 2014

No Heels + No Running = No Fun

Man, getting back into blogging makes me feel so...PRESSURED. I'm unsure why - it's one of those things where I think the pressure is to make a huge splash and come out the gates all super couture all of a sudden. LOL NOT HAPPENING.

OH, by the by, I totally sprained my ankle about 4 weeks ago. It was a good one too. I was trail running with my sister and DallasTheDog and when we were finished and walking back to my car, I slipped between the sidewalk and the grass in front of someone's house. Except instead of grass there was dirt. And 1,000 tree roots. Since I couldn't catch my balance, not only did I roll my ankle, I then proceeded to fall over ONTO it. Delicious. I'm pretty sure I was in shock for the entire car drive home because I insisted that I drive (even though I fell on my head) and I didn't feel anything until 2-3 hours later.

That was taken 2-3 days after the fall. After taking that photo, I went to my doctor, had 2 sets of x-rays taken only to find out it's a severe high-ankle sprain and I need to:

1. Not wear heels
2. Not run

For how long you ask? Well I don't know, I literally mumbled "Then just kill me, doc." after he gave me his orders. Recovery time is about 12-15 weeks. Just recently I started going back on the elliptical to get me going into running. I went to PT once but figured I can do similar exercises at home. My ankle is better, still swollen but not bruised, just slightly tender/sore. I have to wear a beautiful slip-on brace (should I bedazzle it like Mariah Carey?) but I've started to be less dependent on it.

So anyway, that was a long story to tell you that I'm going to be wearing a lot of outfits with flats, lol. I KNOW that a majority of them would look better with heels, but since I'm banned, we'll have to make due. AND on top of that, I naturally have SHORT LEGS. So it's not like if I just wore whatever with flats, I'd look fine, my short legs only makes me look that much more stumpy without heels! First world problems to the max, amirite?

Well on the up-side I have been finding new love for my flats that I've abandoned.

Club Monaco turtleneck, Aqua blazer, Top Shop skirt, Hue tights,
London Sole oxfords, F21 necklace, Francesa's Colletions headband

Questions? AskPhivy!

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  1. So glad you're back :)) Love the pictures, you look so happy !


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