Aug 9, 2011

Fly Girl

Unexpectedly, I decided to go out to ElevateLA for an event called House vs. Hip Hop - I knew it would be clubby (so much DANCE), but a little more casual than a typical Hollywood club.  I rarely wear typical "club" clothes, you know what I'm talking about...when F21 & SPANDEX collide, it's just not my steez.  I'll usually end up wearing shorts & a loose top (ahem, what I'm wearing below) or jeans.  I find it incredibly difficult to DROP IT DOWN LOW when my skirt is riding up my a-hole, lol.  Also this shirt made me feel like a flying squirrel.

That night, I was walking to my car when a homeless man commented on my outfit (specifically, my shoes), he said "Damn, this girl didn't even BOTHER with wearing heels, she straight up wore flats." I'm pretty sure I should start wearing heels a little more often.
trouve top, american eagle shorts, f21 hat, toms
One of my favorite lipsticks to wear when going out is Revlon BlackcherryPhi-Style & I are one of the few girls who have no problem wearing BOTH a smokey eye & red (or dark) faux pas? WE EMBRACE IT.  MOAR MAKE UP PLEASE.

Few pics from that night.

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  1. LOL. I'm totally guilty of typical club wear. F21 and spandex? Why can't I wear that all the time? ;D The magazine cover looks awesome!

  2. Lol, Filipino Banh Mi. I love your flying squirrel outfit too! Perfect to collect all deez nuts in the club, if u know what i mean.

  3. You pull off the lip color so well. And I love the the sparkly toms :)

    <3 Ivy

  4. ahahaha hilarious.. i don't club anymore.. but when i did pre-marriage.. i'm def guilty of f21 and spandex hahaha.

    loveeee your "flying squarrel" shirt!! that cover is HOT!

  5. haha I actually like dressing kinda hooch when clubbing! It's like halloween, how often can you try out a different look than what you'd wear everyday?

    Oh and I vote a big yes to the strong eyes and lip! Equally strong personality is a pre-req for it ;)

  6. HAHAHAH! oh man, that was hilarious! I can't believe some random homeless guy just said that to you! I am totally not the clubbing type-- never was, which is fortunate because I can't dance. Like ever. That said, if I did, I would never wear such skimpy outfits. Super uncomfortable. I bet if that homeless guy saw me in my "club wear" (think flats AND jeans AND loose top) he'd be complaining about my outfit for hours.
    ♥ laura

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  7. First off, there is no shame in wearing flats to a club- I do it all the time! Seriously, how the heck are you supposed to dance in 6 inchers with no pole?
    I'm also a fan of smokey eyes + dark/red lips for the evening...Just go easy on the blush, right? Cute blog! :)

  8. i'm loving this dark lipstick on you! so perfect for a night out! and those sparkly toms are so fun!

    cute & little
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  9. I wear flats way more often then heels these days and I don't see anything wrong with it. Besides your flats are awesome and sparkly. Homeless guys just don't understand the women of today, lol!

  10. your outfit is so amazing! And your lipstick color is awesome :)


  11. I love your outfit! That is totally something I would wear on a night out.

  12. loving that lipstick color on you!

  13. "I find it incredibly difficult to DROP IT DOWN LOW when my skirt is riding up my a-hole"

    had to stifle my lol because i'm supposed to be working. you're freakin awesome


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