Aug 15, 2011

PMN: Emerald Dress

First of all, thanks to everyone for all of the support, comments & questions on Ask Phivy!!  Second of all, that literally has taken over our lives.  BUT WE LOVE IT.  So keep asking us questions & giving us feedback.  We love the idea of having Ryan & Tu as contributors, so we'll let everyone know when that's up.

In the meantime, back to the FASHUNS at hand!  Actually, someone recently asked me if I get a discount on PMN since I'm irl friends with Tramanh & Issa.  And while I do, it only incentivizes me to BUY MOAR STUFF.  This dress is one of my favorite purchases.  I love the color, fit & style of it.  Hands down, I'll be wearing this a lot more.  The only sucky part is that it's silk, which means, any spills is like, fatal.
PMN dress, F21 belt, Steve Madden heels, Hermes scarf & bracelet
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  1. hey girl. you look so chic. adore this look.
    hope you're having a good monday

  2. Ask Phivy = SO MUCH FUN

  3. I'm glad you brought out the Hermes! I like it with that dress.

    I totally see your inner side bewb.

  4. Read your comment too late. I definitely had a little too much fun with very little sleep. I had to pay for the consequences being at work today at 7:30am! sigh. You are rocking that dress with the scarf.

    yay for PHIVY!

    p.s. What does hoisinivy stand for?

  5. Cute outfit! I'm currently obsessed with Hermes scarves... Actually just got one! View on my blog:

  6. This is your color, my friend!!

  7. i just checked out phivy and i looove it! you 2 have such fun personalities and such a great sense of humor. you look gorgeous as usual and you rock that teal dress like no other! xx

  8. That color is amazing on you and like that you keep accessories at a minimum and let the dress do the talking.
    I have a love hate relationship with silk. I always spill on it.


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