Aug 4, 2011

More Than Mint: CCT Style Dress

Like my GUHLS over at PMN, Erica (of CloudsofTulle) also had some great finds for sale at MoreThanMint & of course because I'm too impatient to go shopping regularly (and who doesn't love a great deal), I spotted this dress & immediately bought it. sat in my closet for MONTHS before I decided to wear it.  I tried wearing it to my family's Christmas party but it wasn't "white enough" for my mom, so it went back in the closet.  But then it's TOO white for a wedding, and I haven't gone to any fancy dinners lately, just sat & sat.  I would pull it out, then put it back in, only because I didn't think the places I was going was fancy enough to be wearing the dress.

Until I gave up & just wore it to work.  I needed to break it in.  And you know what?  Just like getting your first scratch on your car or on your new phone's screen, once you do it, you're suddenly much more comfortable with it.
cct style dress from morethanmint, michael antonio heels, f21 belt
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  1. So glad you decided to break this in - the white against your skin makes you look all glowy and beachy. :)

  2. eek!! the white dress is absolutely stunning on you!! i'm glad you finally got the opportunity to wear it.. because it looks so gorge on you!

    eeks congrats :) what kinds of settings have you looking at??

  3. The dress looks beautiful on you, I love the drape of it.

    Btw, I could not stop admiring your hair! Gorgeous!

  4. Super cute dress! I really like the bow detail as well and you paired it nicely with those neutral sandals.

  5. such a beautiful outfit, we love it!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  6. Beautiful look!

    you looks pretty!


    kiss from barcelona*

  7. wow, looks great!! It also looked great when you had it on before the christmas party, but too bad it wasn't white enough! haha.

    I think you'll be wearing this a lot now!

  8. You look so much more tan! I love white.. too bad it's so hard to keep clean!

  9. omg. your white dress is gorgeous. i loved that you dressed it down w/ cognac-colored accessories.

    btw, i tried the wearing red lipstick first before putting on any other makeup, BUT my husband said i looked like the joker from batman. any other helpful tips w/ wearing red lipstick? ;D

  10. adorable dress! i love the belted look, especially with that belt! And your shoes are really quite lovely! gorgeous with that nail color!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  11. I LOVE that dress! So angelic! I want something like it!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  12. Your lwd is super adorable. It's flow-y in all the right ways and very feminine. I bought a white dress I was in love with two years ago and have worn it twice.

  13. this dress is super cute! but yes i totally know what you mean.. when something just doesn't seem right for any occasion :) first for everything right? even dresses :)


  14. aww. i lovin all your outfit <3 simple and nice :D

  15. I freakin LOVE that dress!!!!!!

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  16. Gorgeous dress, you look fantastic! xo

  17. love the neck of your dress.

  18. Gorgeous white detailed dress! Looks great with the added braided brown belt :)

  19. Beautiful dress and it really pops on you... I'm curious to know how it wasn't white enough for your mom! It looks pretty white!

  20. you look absolutely heavenly. i love your hair! xx

  21. what a great white dress! i'm glad that you broke it in!

    dash dot dotty

  22. Girl, you have gorgeous hair! Plus I love the name of your blog except for I now have 'Poison' stuck in my head.
    Rachael from The Vancouver Cliché


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