Aug 26, 2011

The Office

This morning, I had to decide between taking blog photos or getting gas for my Ryan suggested I just take my blog photos FROM MY OFFICE.  So strange, there is a window that people can see through...WHAT IF THEY SEE ME TAKING PHOTOS OF MYSELF?  They don't know I have a blog, they'd be like, "Umm..vain, much?"  And I'd be like, "Oh this is awkward..."

Anyway, lately I've been posting so many work outfits, but I mean, I wear them 5 out of the 7 days, what do I expect?  I don't do wardrobe changes on the weekend (unless you count my sweats as a change of clothes).  Anyway, the lighting in the office is never great (hello florescent lighting!), but I have pretty big windows that let sun in (sometimes a little TOO much sun & I end up sweating mid afternoon).
PMN blouse, cynthia steffe shorts, f21 belt, hue tights, wanted oxfords

And for funsies, here is a quick "tour" of my office:
my bookshelf...that houses NO books. pictures of friends,ezio & ryan. A RICE HAT (from Vietnam!), my customized Xbox360 controller & x-men figurines everywhere.
candles from a blogger swap I did, they don't smell like anything & one has started to melt onto some drawers, lol.
my poor orchids, one is barely hang onto dear life while the other has given up on itself
2 of my favorite things: my real simple magazine subscription & band-aids (for when my work heels hate me)

the view outside my office; i'm on the 20th floor, so i get a nice overlook of beverly hills & century city    

By the way, my colleague & I are in the middle of a heated SHOE OFF battle and NONE of my friends have voted for me!  What gives, man?   I need your help!  Next time I tweet about a SHOE OFF...VOTE FOR ME!  Or I'll never hear the end of it.

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  1. Wow, your office so nice! Good to surround yourself with things you like (flowers, candles, X-Men, Mr. EZ E!) when work gets stressful.

    You must own a lot of tights...

  2. What is a shoe off battle? (Fiercest shoes???) I'd vote for you! Your office looks great. Very impressed with the customized controller. I'm not a gamer, but my friend plays WOW (heh, I just learned what that stood for over the weekend).

    Real Simple's an awesome magazine!

  3. Office with a window? LUCKY. All I've got is an office with an annoying dude.


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