Aug 24, 2011

Rock Mobstah!

An IM conversation between my sister & I on what to name this post:

stephanie: what's a good title for this outfit
christine: mob mentality
christine: because your pinstripes look like mobstah
stephanie: lol k
christine: or ROCK MOBSTAH!
stephanie: LOL!
stephanie: djfkhasfjilksafdlisjfdsa
christine: hahahaha
stephanie: I LOVE THAT ONE
christine: hehehehehehihiihihi
stephanie: OH MAN
stephanie: so good
christine: lol yey
You know I love me my puns AND it's a play off of one of my favorite B52's songs?  Ah, sheer genius.  This is one of my favorite types of work outfits, loose blouse + a high waisted, formfitted skirt.  My kind of outfit, if you ask me.  OH GUESS WHAT?  The dry cleaners lost (or stole) this top!  I'm so sad.  I only got to wear it once. :(
peppermint tank, banana republic skirt, f21 belt & bangle
Last weekend, Rye Bread & I went to Santa Rosa, Petaluma & San Francisco for a long weekend.  It was nice because we've been to all of those cities before, so it was really to see his family & my colleagues in our SF office.  I did NOT do any shopping...well I lie, I got a pair of LAMB heels for $110 at the Off 5th Avenue outlets.  SCORE.



  1. LOL! Title so perfect. I've come a long way from "Big Teal Sitting Hood" D:

    Aw, sad that your nautical top got lost...but your new one is pretty rockin'!

  2. You look gorgeous dressed up and down! I'm totally going to recreate your eye look tomorrow. :)

  3. Love the top! Too bad it got stolen... Hope you were reimbursed bc it's super cute!

  4. Oh man how did they lose it?! Did they reimburse you at all or just like went "tough luck"?? I like the peek of your red bra here - matches your lipstick!

  5. SIDE BOOB SO DELICIOUS. In a non creepy way. You know.

  6. you two are so cute! love the outfit pictures and the outside market looks awesome =)

  7. Your shoes are fierce! Looks like the trip was a lot of fun!


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