Mar 5, 2013

Day to Night

I wore this outfit to work, but when it was time to go get drinks for First Fridays in Venice, I wanted to wear something more casual, comfortable, and warmer. I opted for lace-up brown boots and a brown leather jacket, but changed out my belt to a plaid belt (love me some mixed patterns). Not only is this "leather" jacket not real leather, but it's also vegan-friendly - I don't know what that means but I felt better about buying it, lol.

I also pulled my hair back due to end-of-day grease bangs. YOUGUYS know what I'm talking about!

This day-to-night look is what I've been writing about on AskPhivy when it comes to redoing the wardrobe you have. It's about putting combinations together that you normally wouldn't. Normally I would probably stick to brown boots with leggings or blue skinny jeans, but by adding it with red jeans, I've created a completely different look that's comfortable and can be worn lots of different ways!
see original post for shirt and jeans
vegan leather jacket (similar here), no name brown boots (heeled version here
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  1. love your laced boots! these are great tips and tricks for remixing the wardrobe, you look great as usual =)

  2. Cool leather jacket dear, nice to see you enjoy :)


  3. You just need a horse to complete the outfit!


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