Mar 18, 2013

His & Her Sweater

One of the best benefits of having a boyfriend? STEALING HIS CLOTHES. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Oh just a t-shirt here, a sweater come their clothes are so much more comfortable than ours? Yes, I could go shopping in the men's department to truly find a men's sweater I would wear - but why would I do that when I can raid Ryan's closet? Duh, just makes sense.
men's j.crew sweater (similar here), h&m shirt (KINDA similar here),
lululemon leggings, jessica simpson booties (similar here)

This deer-printed shirt is one of my favorites...except it shrank and now is like a baby-tee. I haven't worn it in over a year because it keeps riding up, but DUH one morning I had the realization that I could just have layered it. Now it's back in rotation!
OH and for all you fellow bloggers...and actually, people who take pictures in's a head's up - MAKE SURE you know exactly what billboard you're sitting on when you decide to take pictures in a public place. OR ELSE YOU MAY SIT ON WHAT IS AN HIV-AWARENESS CAMPAIGN. I wouldn't post about it if it wasn't true...for your enjoyment only:

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  1. I wonder what all those people driving by were thinking.


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