Mar 8, 2013

Fall in Winter

Though I was a reluctant Pinterest user (see my work blog post for more), I've now embraced all of its glory: the good and the bad. The bad being the sad, sad "One Day My Prince Will Come" wedding boards, the cream-cheese-and-butter-filled food recipes, and the memes that are 2 weeks too late. But the good does outweigh the bad. While I rarely duplicate hair styles and outfits directly, I do go on Pinterest almost every morning for inspiration. Aside from scrolling down to see what my friends have pinned, I often go to the larger "categories" to see what strangers have pinned, specifically Women's Fashion and Hair & Beauty. Those two are always great boards for finding things you wouldn't normally see on your regular blog list.

One of the most common outfits I keep finding on Pinterest is the typical "Fall staple" outfit: chambray shirt, white tank, black leggings, and brown boots.And while we're almost out of Winter and breaking into Spring, I wear what I want!

Side note - I'm crazy in love with Old Navy's Perfect Rib Knit Tank Top for one reason only - they are super long! As you guys (may) know, I have a super long torso so A LOT of tanks are too short for me to pair with leggings, these tanks are long without being too big or bulky under other shirts or sweaters. And they're like $5.
Forever 21 chambray shirt, Old Navy Perfect Rib Knit Tank Top, Banana Republic vest (similar here),
Lululemon Wunder Under (similar here), no-name brown boots (heeled version here)

I've been wearing my hair in a side-bun more frequently mainly because when I drive, I can't stand having my bun hit the back of my driver's seat (random pet peeve of mine). This is one of the first posts in awhile that I'm not wearing lipstick and I have to say - it's hard for me to get back used to it! I kept thinking I looked so pale compared to when I wear lipstick!
I double-lined my eyes - black liquid liner with an aqua liner on top. I prefer the clean line of a liquid liner when it comes to bold colors (versus too much eyeshadow). I was also wearing this to work so it's much more toned-down than if I had swept my entire eyelid with the same color.

Of course, D likes to make her daily cameos (aka: get fur all over my leggings):

Don't forget to hop onto my wedding page to see an update on Ryan's and my registry experience.

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  1. NOTHING filled with butter and cream cheese could ever be bad!

    i need your madd liner skillz. i can't seem to get the hang of liquid or gel or cream liners (i.e. anything but pencil and even then it's kind of iffy)


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