Jun 22, 2009

Back from Orlando!

I hope you don't think I forgot about all of you lovely ladies (and gentlemen?)...I have not! And SHAME to you all for thinking that way! The truth is, I was in Orlando, Florida this past week, and due to annoying circumstances, the internet in the hotel was too lazy to allow me to blog! Allow me to sum up my trip in touristy pictures, because reading is overrated:
the view from my hotel elevator lobby, the amway arena

railroad tracks (they have them in orlando?!) // thorton park view of some buildings
the #1 benefit of blogging - having the innate ability to take "candid" pictures of myself! haha.
bought this dwight howard jersey for rye bread // the superman cape is hilarious.

one day, when i grow up, i'll be just as big as dwight howard!
oh self-timer, how you are my new best friend

And because I wanted to at least post something about make-up or fashion:
A few tips on how do you your make-up while wearing glasses (perfect for traveling and sleeping on planes):
_Do make sure to conceal any dark circles under your eyes with a salmon concealer (I use Sephora Brand Concealer Palette, the lilac color)
_Do emphasize the arch in your brows (try to angle your brows, if it's natural)
_Do use a loose powder, especially on your nose bridge (where it can get kinda sweaty)
_Don't bother emphasizing your upper eyelids too much, as they're usually covered by your glasses anyway. I just swept a dark brown over my lids, lined them, curled my eyelashes, and lightly mascara'ed
_Do emphasize your lower lids by lining the entire eye, but especially concentrating on the outer corners.
_Do mascara your bottom lashes for bigger eyes
_Optional: line your lower waterline with a white pencil for brighter eyes
_Do put on your glasses before applying blush - it helps you figure out where you should naturally sweep the color (I suck in my cheeks and apply it there)
Our regularly-scheduled program will return tomorrow! Thanks for your patience & dedication my loves.

P.S. I finished the entire Twilight series...now I wish I was a vampire. And I also started calling my dog Jacob. Ugh, I'm so lame!


  1. i love those sandals youre wearing!!!
    dwight howard is HUGE! hahahaha.

    ....i wish i was a vampire too. hahahaha.

  2. lol, I checked out your blog before I put makeup on this morning. It's cool that you posted a "makeup for glasses" tutorial because I was looking for new frames today! I don't have any eyeliner yet, though.

  3. great tips for eye makeup - I wear contacts and avoid wearing glasses because they make my eyes look tiny.. :/

  4. whoa hold on a second? You have a dog?

  5. Awww glad to see you had such fantastic time!

    Great tips, thanks for sharing them!

    Come play Monday matters at www.mrszeus.blogspot.com

  6. dwight howard is GINORMOUS! i think i would go up to his knee. bahh! loving the superman pose. AND loving the make-up tips for wearing glasses. i own 5 pairs with my current Rx, i wear them during the week, but every once in a while i want to sport the smart but hot look on the weekends so thanks for the tips!


  7. Orlando looked like so much fun! Did you go to Disneyworld too? I haven't been there in forever. And I love that jersey with the cape, haha.

  8. looks like you had a lovely trip & you look so cute with glasses :)

  9. omg, i LOVE your glasses!!! i am saving your pic to do a blog post about pretty glasses people...

  10. I have glasses and usually just put them on when I'm not feeling pretty, but maybe I'll try your makeup tips next time I get lazy with my contacts!

    Been reading over your blog, love the makeup+fashion tips. =)

  11. love the look with the glasses...so natural and pretty!

  12. I've gotta practice takin' pics with my timer! Hahaha love your glasses too! xoxo

  13. great post! I always try to pump up my makeup a little bit when I am wearing glasses because I feel so frumpy! glad to have you back!


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