Jun 29, 2009

I'm a LIME-a-Bean!

Quick Weekend Update, since there isn't too much to update on - went to one of my favorite (and beloved) restaurants for a good friend's bday...BENIHANA! Mmm...still thinking about it now...huh? Where was I?

Since I wore a dress I've already featured here, I thought it'd be cool to showcase Rye Bread's outfit, since he's much more fashionable than I am:
theory white button-down, club monoco sweater, marc jacobs tie, jeans from kitson, jack purcell chucks
Right? Totally handsome and dapper, casual and cool, effortlessly proper without looking like a schoolboy or hipster. Me likey. Haha.
not quite sure why i look like i seared my face across the grill

Sunday was a day full of babysitting Lydia (seen above), where we went to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica:

urban outfitters tank, american eagle shorts (not seen), oliver peoples sunglasses //
rye bread: ohio state buckeyes tshirt, jordan basketball shorts
Back to this manic Monday, it's officially summer...so whip out the summer colors, including this highlighter, bright-ass, neon green tank!
white tank: hollister, green tank: style xpress, hollister jeans
I wanted to pair this up with a black jersey skirt, but I was WAY lazy and didn't feel like shaving my legs. So jeans it is!

And why not have a little fun with lime green?
Using the brightest green shadow possible, I liberally applied it to the center of my eyes, and balanced it with a gold shadow in the inner corners and a dark (matte!) brown on the outer corners. Using my go-to taupe (Mac's Era), I blended the gold and brown above the green for a complete look. Line & mascara, as usual.

P.S. You may have noticed the 3-picture frame in the hallway - a great idea my roommate and I had was to put a baby picture of each of us, to personalize our apartment (since we don't have any pictures of the 3 of us).

Happy Monday!


  1. those baby pictures are such a great and CUTE idea!! can't wait to see them.

    ryan's so fashionable! next time, he has to do a "model" pose. and not this.

  2. I heart Benihana!!! How awesome is their fried rice and the ginger sauce...oh, to die for! That little munchkin is too cute & your eyes look awe-summmm!

  3. Yum, benihana! I haven't been there in ages, but reading your post makes me want to go back again! And your bf is so stylish. Love the outfit!


  4. love the tank and makeup!! so summery! im so jealous of the beach view... and the baby is so cute ^^

  5. love all outfits especially your "rye bread's" nerdy look! haha! and benihana... i used to live in cali and NEVER got the chance to go, i regret it now :(

  6. love your bright summer outfit!!!
    the baby is adorable!

  7. Oooh! I just bought some bright tanks for summer.
    Looks like you had a fun weekend, love the boy's outfit!

  8. girl...i bring neon out all year round. i have that same tank minus the cool back part. i love neon...it's the 80's in me. and ooh i totally rocked the lime green shadow in hawaii...i need a night out to rock it again. or maybe dinner at benihana's. can you believe i've never been? crazy. and btw you have the best hair ever. it looks so thick and healthy. i have hair envy right now for sure.

  9. "dapper" is mos def the word for his style...haha. and i love that couch photo of you!

  10. you make the green eyeshadow look good! I don't think i could walk out of my apt with green like that lol

  11. Dang! Can your boyfriend do a tutorial on how to dress so dapper-ly? There's nothing wrong with the way mine dresses, but I'd love to see him pull that off!

    And I love the lime green eyeshadow and tank, so pretty!

  12. Rye Bread looks dashing! lol And I love how your eye shadow perfectly matches your shirt!

  13. Lovely pics looks like you had a great time xoxoxo

  14. you guys make such a cute couple!!! love that eye shadow!!

  15. Neon most definitely works on you!

  16. the green eyeshadow is soooo pretty on you!!!

  17. he is adorable...you guys are the cutest!


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