Jun 9, 2009

Weekend Update + Partly Cloudy

Happy Tuesday! How was your guys' weekends?

HOLLERATIONS! On Friday I received the amazing Stila Indian Summer 24 Gold Collection package from Carlene for winning her It's Heavenly giveaway!!
ryan made fun of me when he saw that i took a picture of myself holding a fed-ex box, but i was excited!
I'm a terrible person and haven't taken pictures of a look with the products yet. I want to make sure the post is perfect, and with the color combos, I'm trying to figure out a great look. Stay tuned!

Speaking of HOLLERATIONS, Kym was so kind to award me the Adorable Blog award. Thanks for the love my dear!

Whoa, check out how cool the sky looked Friday night:

these photos were taken at 9pm!

Saturday was my step-sister's graduation party; she graduated from Cal State Fullerton in Civil Engineering, she's all grownz up now!

people always think i look like my mom...until they see my dad. haha.
ryan actually coordinated with my hot-pink, strapless F21 dress
Are you fans of strapless dresses that have a built-in bra? I wore one for the first time, and I must say that while convenient, it kept making a run for it, and also makes my boobs look weird. Is that just me?

Sunday was my first time babysitting Ryan's god-daughter, Lydia, all by myself and I must say, it was a handful. Ryan said, "It's great practice." I said, "It's great prevention." Just kidding. She's 15-months old and quite a handful, but an extremely happy baby, so it was easy.

It's still incredibly cloudy in LA, with a chance of thunderstorms. That's June Gloom for ya...so while my summery outfits are on hold, it gave me a chance to whip out the comfy greys:
hollister sweater, f21 undershirt, citizens of humanity jeans, my new roommate's couch. lol
Over-sized sweaters are the best right? I have a habit of pulling the sleeves over my hands, I have no idea why.
To match my grey / gray (freakin' spelling), I coordinated (aka: directly matched) with grey & maroon eyeshadow:

For this look, I used the maroon in the center of my eyes, and the grey on the inner & outer corner. I also hooked the two corners above the maroon for a seamless look. Lightly blend, line, & mascara!



  1. what a nice weekend!

    i like how u strategically placed your hair over your boobs in the dress pic. lol

  2. 1) crazy colours in the sky pic!
    2) couldn't really see your moms face clearly so i'll say you look like your dad for now. hehe!
    3) i dont like anything with built in bras, feels funny.
    4) your bfs god-daughter is SOOO CUTE!! and hahaa to "its great prevention" ;P 15 months? wait till she's 2 or 3...haha!

  3. 1. your comment is making me laugh out loud!

    2. you are gorgeous ...I look more like my dad too but peeps always say my mom.

    3. GO LAKERS!

  4. your blog is tooo cute for word!!! i really enjoy your makeup post!! keep up the great posting lovess it!

  5. YAY! So glad it the Stila loot got to you so fast!!! Have fun playing!!

  6. love your liner and the shadows you used. gorgeous!

    I am the same way with sweaters, I always pull them over my hands.

  7. How great does it feel to get a package like that in the mail!! Congrats on your win! You look so pretty in all your pics!

  8. yay for the giveaway!! you look fabulous in your photos!

  9. ah lucky!! the make up gift is def. for u!!
    i seriously need to start wearing make up. my face looks so blah...

  10. Congrats for winning the giveaway! I love oversized sweaters too.

  11. Congrats! I think it's cute that you posed with Fed-Ex box :) And ahhh, I have troubles too with the whole grey/gray thing, I think either work! Go with what you want! :)

  12. free makeup! luckyyyy.

    and your winged eyeliner looks real good! did you do that w/ pencil? i just started trying to do winged eyeliner last month (gel liner and brush) and it's so hard to get it even! i have problems deciding the angle to wing it up at....if that makes any sense....

  13. really love the eye makeup ;-)


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