Jun 12, 2009

Surprises + Bad Pick-ups + Hip Hop Hooray!

So yesterday my desk was full of goodies sent with love: first my mom & sister sent me a surprise care package...and really, what does a "Stephanie" care package consist of?
Make-up of course! Nars is one of my favorite make-up brands, and my mom & sister were so thoughtful and sent me a few surprises!

Second, I received my first etsy order! I found Oh Hello Friend through a fellow blogger (although I'm blanking on who - so if you're reading this, comment & I'll give proper credit!) and her stuff is amazing! Her jewelry is delicate and definitely affordable! I bought a ring & a rose hair pin. Both I adore!

How cute is 1. the packaging and 2. the actual ring?
I just had one of those days where I felt completely special :) Those days are nice, right?

I also have an aggravating (but also hilarious) pick-up story from yesterday. I left the office early for a doc's appointment. The appointment was at 4:45pm, when I arrived at 4:30, I wasn't sure where the exact location was, so I stopped at the directory. Mind you, I was in a bit of a hurry because I didn't want to be late. A man, probably in his late 20's, early 30's approached me, and this is how the convo went:

Annoyingly Bad Pick-Up Man:
Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure. (looks around anxiously, taps feet with impatience)
ABPUM: So I was around, minding my own business, when a woman approached me and said I was cute...
Me: Mmm hmm, okay, continue... (motions him to continue quickly)
ABPUM: ...And I thought that was weird, because most girls don't usually go up to guys right?
Me: I don't know, some do. Why not. (taps feet, hinting to hurry the hell up)
ABPUM: Well, I thought she was joking, until she starting smiling..
Me: I'm sorry, but I have a doctor's appointment in 15 and I'm trying to find the building, I don't mean to be rude, but what was your question?
ABPUM: Oh no, are you sick? I'm not going to catch anything am I? Har har.
Me: (already impatient and slightly annoyed) Would it matter? You've been talking to me for the past 2 minutes, you would have caught whatever I had.
ABPUM: It's just that, I thought girls like it when guys went up to them. So my question is, do girls like it when guys are direct with them or when they're indirectly hitting on them?
Me: (confused because what does 'indirectly hitting on them' consist of?) Uh, well, I'm in a rush, but my short answer is for you to always be direct. That way you cut to the chase.
ABPUM: But you're Asian right?
Me: Me? Yes, I am.
ABPUM: Yeah, did you know your nose moves weirdly when you speak? It moves back and forth.
ABPUM: I'm just saying...
Me: Well, thanks for the rude comment, now if you don't mind, I have to go. (Walks away...That's NOT what I meant when I said 'be direct!')
ABPUM: (hollers at me) That wasn't rude!
Me: (walking away) Okay, see ya.

Then, I kid you not, he follows me to the elevator of my doctor's office!

ABPUM: So I know I'll probably never see you again.
Me: No you definitely won't.
ABPUM: But I think you're really cute, and I was wondering if we could get to know each other better...
Me: No, no we can't. One, I have a boyfriend. And two, you did not make a very good first impression on me. (okay, did he just FOLLOW me to the elevator?)
ABPUM: Oh...I didn't, well, whatever then. (walks away)
Me: But thanks for being so direct! Girls like that!
ABPUM: I wasn't BEING direct!
Me: So, asking me out isn't direct? (lol) Yes. It. Is.
ABPUM: (down the hallway) No it's not!!

Elevator opens.

Okay, is it just me, or when you're hitting on a girl, you pretty much DON'T want to:
1. tell her how YOU were just getting hit on
2. ask her advice on how to hit on girls
3. tell her she's infecting you with her sickness
4. tell her she does this weird thing with her nose
5. follow her into an elevator hallway like a stalker

Has this happen to you? I was literally fuming afterwards because I was so put off.
What's your most annoying pick-up story?
// rant over //

In other news, today is lazy Friday...and who says track jackets are only for the track? This black & white Adidas jacket is definitely my go-to for an extremely casual look.

the pic on the left would totally be my hip hop pose
Wearing an Adidas jacket only makes me want to pull out a broken-down cardboard box, whip out a boombox, and start break dancing. That would be assuming I know how to breakdance (which I do not, nor do I have the coordination to do so).

Too tired to do anything special, a quick & dirty way to do your make-up is the smokey eye look. No one can tell if you're doing it right, because the smudgier, the better! Haha.
It's quite simple really.

1. Mix two colors over your eyelids to the crease: I used dark blue and black.
2. Take a neutral taupe color to blend it above the crease towards the brow bone (but don't make it go that high)
3. Line upper lash line with liquid liner (forego the wing-tip this time)
4. Line bottom waterline (inner lash line) with white pencil - making sure it's clean (helps brighten up your eyes in an otherwise dark look)
5. Apply dark brown shadow on the bottom lashline - I did outer corners only.
6. Mascara, blush, and lipgloss
Also too lazy to do my hair, I swept it all to the side a did a loose & messy braid. I pinned any extra layers on the opposite side to the back, completing the "I just did this in 5-seconds" look.

Have a FABULOUS Friday everyone!


  1. what a fabulous friday read! I'm glad u enjoyed your care package. Your mom stuffed even MORE stuff in the box after i was done! haha.

    I know it was a rant, but I thought it was hilarious because his pickup lines just got worse and worse. Goodness, what a creep!

  2. OK, so many things to comment on!!

    BEST SURPRISE PACKAGE EVER!! Hello, who has an amazing family that sends them NARS??? Awesome!

    Cute ring, love the tracksuit & have a happy weekend!

  3. SHIT you fit a lot in that post! so SHIT i will fit as much as i can in this comment. A. you are special so you deserve all those little gifts. i just discovered NARS (where have i been?) and i LOVES it! B. your mom and sis are the bomb! C. that ring from etsy is annoyingly cute (in a good way) and i now want to track it down and get one myself. D. i hate (with a passion) guys that pick up on girls like that. actually i get really annoyed when i know i'm getting picked up on b/c no matter how cute you are it's a turn off. i've been hit on in the weirdest of place by the weirdest of men. mostly when i was a teenager (by older men too! ew.) working at best buy. i guess the blue polo & khakis got the men really hot in their pants! HA! E. i LOVE track jackets. always have, always will. F. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  4. Care packages are so fun! I love NARS!

  5. awwwww i love thoughtful surprises! :) and that ring from oh, hello friend is so cute!!! and okay.. what was up with that dude? ahhahaha.. i'm sure it was annoying at that moment but WOW... he really needs some lessons on picking girls up. was he creepy looking?!?! haha!

    i dont have any annoying p/u stories like that (at least i can't think of one at the mo') but i get the usual *whistle, whistle* HEY MAMA! or HEY BABY! or HEY LADY! hahaha!

  6. What a weirdo!!!...LOL
    love your smokey eye...such a cute ring!!!

  7. Damn girl, you're looking hawt today! Lazy Friday my ass ;) Omg I know how you feel with the random weird dudes picking you up. One time I was walking home from school, and this guy passed me on his bike, stopped, turned around and blocked my path and said "you're really beautiful, will you come for coffee with me?" to which I replied "Can't. Going to bf's house. He knows kung-fu!!"

  8. awesome care package! I'm the one who usually buys makeup for my mom and my sister, they never know what to buy.

    funny story! as i was reading it, i was getting annoyed for you!

  9. beautiful freckles!

  10. damn you're patient. i would've shut him down after a minute.

  11. Ew ew ew. I hate being preyed on like that! Sometimes, I really want to be left alone!

  12. Oh my gosh, that is so gross and rude of him. Taking up your time AND following you? I'd give that guy a swift kick ... but I'm glad you managed to get rid of him! My gross story is definitely the 45-year old asking me to 'hook up sometime' last week at the bus stop.

    On a different note, those are some adorable things from etsy and I wish my mom/sister would send me Nars! Enjoy it!

  13. ewwww, what a creep!

    I love nars too....such great stuff and that ring is soooo darling!

  14. My worse pick up experience: I was in a consignment store looking for utensils for my apartment. A guy approaches me and says, "Should you be looking for chopsticks?" Are you kidding me? Is this really happening to me? Could you be any more racist? Only in freaking Maryland.

  15. Love the makeup! What shade of blush is that?

    Hmm - sounds like that guy got his pick up lines out of that Pick Up Artist tv series. He opened with a lame story (asking for your opinion), then neg'd you (made up a rude comment about your nose), then was thrown when you didn't follow his script. HAHAHA You could've told him he should ask for his money back coz he SUCKs at picking up!

    When I'm wearing 3 stripes, I feel like I should be eating a kebab, or at least a baseball cap and hanging out in a pimped out car.

  16. What a drama n that guy sounds like an idiot!! Love ur smoky eye take, i m a big fan of NARS makeup too! :)

  17. love the eyes! ;-) the guy sounds like stalker material. take care!

  18. That guy who tried to pick you up sounds like such a creep. I hate when guys bother you when you clearly don't want to be bothered. Love that ring and great makeup!



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