Jun 15, 2009

Weekend Update + Shimmery Bronzes

And how were your weekends? Mine was actually pretty fun! Saturday went to the new Farmer's Market in Playa Vista, and bought some:
fresh gerber daisies, $4/bundle; fresh plums and white nectarines $2.50/lb, fresh cherries $4/lb
hydrangea stem, $1 each; old fettucini jar (free!)

My neighbor 2 houses down had a garage sale and I scored some major goodies - a large framed vintage French poster of a woman carrying liquor bottles in her skirt (no pic yet, sorry!) for a whole $2, and these two necklaces for $1.50 for both.

I'm such a loyalist that on Sunday I went back to my neighbor's garage sale when my roommate told me that they were selling a desk, which I've been looking for for the past few days. She knocked off $5 (since I'm a returning customer AND recommended her sale to my rooomates) so I scored a desk in great condition for $15! Ryan and I then spent the rest of Sunday completely reorganizing my room...then watched the Kobe & the Lakers kick some major Magic boo-hoo-tay.
I also spent the night watching how Lakers fans completely destroyed downtown LA...way to stay classy LA. sigh

While browsing through the latest edition of Allure magazine (the one with Jessica Biel on the cover in which she sobs about the fact that she's toooo hott to be taken seriously in Hollywood, cry me a f-ing river), they noted that the hottest summer make-up are bronzes. Since it's midway through June, I might as well try to perfect it now:
sometimes the best lighting is when i'm in the car, the ones i took in my house looked awful
'This Look in 5 Steps:
1. Apply a gold/bronze on the center of your eyes (where your eyeball is)
2. Dark brown on both the inner & outer corners, connecting in the middle, above the gold
3. Blend out (not into the bronze)
4. Apply dark brown liquid liner on both the top & bottom lash lines
5. Using the same gold / bronzer on the bottom inner corners of your eyes; mascara!

Since this was a more natural / summery look, I applied both a bronzer and a bright pink blush to bring out some more color.

In the theme of light and easy summer looks, I threw on a loose tunic and belted it. Simple as that! I'm wearing bright yellow heels to spruce it up (not shown).
zara tunic, f21 belt, 7 for all mankind jeans
Honestly, I'm still reveling in my great garage sale & farmers market finds! I can't wait to go back next weekend!

what are your favorite finds from a local farmers market and / or garage sale?


  1. oooo i love the bright bright colors from the farmers market! and garage sales are awesome, i havn't been to one in years though! when i was a kid, my favourite finds were old archie comics heehee!

    and yeah...booohooohooo to jessica for being "too hot".

  2. wow...i can't even remember the last time i've been to a garage sale! but my sister just bought strawberries and honeydew melons from the farmer's market and they were SWEEEET.

    jessica biel. bleh. she ain't THAT hot. lol.

    and the turtles....slow motion. ;p

  3. lol, fettucini jar!

    We bought some goodies at some garaahhh sales this month:

    --red office chair with a suspicious white stain (for me)
    --shelves for the basement
    --exercise equipment
    --plastic/vinyl coat closet


    Those fruits are making my mouth water!

  4. i think i read about that in US Weekly, the whole jessica biel thing, and it's like listen chick, it's not 'cause you're hot that you're not taken seriously, it's b/c you starred in the WB show 7th heaven, mkay?! but anyway, great garage sale finds! now post pics of the new room :)

  5. Wow, those bright colours are making me smile! Glad you found such great finds everywhere ... my boyfriend would wish that garage sale was nearby him, he's been looking for a cheap-but-in-good-condition desk for a while! And I love the outfit and that bronze eye. Definitely going to try that out :)

  6. Geez, first Meghan Fox, now Jessica Biel? Boohoo, these spoiled dummies need to just shut up haha.

    Great FOTD!

  7. i like those flower and fruit pictures! and your tunic! it looks super breezy and like awesomeness.

  8. mmm fruit! I love the way you did you makeup!

  9. it's too rainy here for garage sale/ farmers market adventures... :(
    have a great week!

  10. love your look and the big bouncy hair!! Jessica Biel is such a joker... there's loads of hot women out there doing a great job because of their skills :P

    i wished i had lashes that long, theyre actually falsies hehe ^^;;

  11. such a pretty makeup look! I miss the Fullerton farmer's market sooo much! It was so nice to be able to walk over there every Thurs!!! :(

  12. love the farmers market...i usually pick of Honey, fruits and flowers as well
    Im dying to try bronze too

    Oh and yeah i also read that article...PUhlease!
    ...whateve!..seriously! LOL

  13. pretty pretty and pretty! love your makeup as always!

  14. I love farmer's markets. haha, wow I have that same F21 belt, and I'm wearing it today!! I guess great minds think alike ;)



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