Feb 16, 2012

The Bird's Nest

As you guys know, I'm a huge fan of Portlandia, though I haven't been up to date on their 2nd Season - I blame the fact that I don't have IFC and have to buy the season pass through Zune.  Last season, they did a spoof of Wieden + Kennedy, an well-known advertising agency with such a "creative" and free-for-all vibe that it's nearly impossible to go from one room to another without being bombarded by frisbees and exercise balls or find yourself on the wrong floor without taking the stairs or elevator.

Most advertising offices have a more "industrial" feel to them - think exposed ceilings and  pipes, and large floors with desks scattered about.  Not really your typical cubicle set-up.  Now, my offices in LA are different because we're so small that we all get our own office and because having simultaneous conference calls is nearly impossible, but when I visit the San Francisco offices, I get that TRUE "advertising agency" feel.

Here are some stalker photos I took around the office.  I mean, there's even a BIKE here.  I KNOW I'm in SF when people bike to work, lol.  WHERE ARE YOUR CARS?

Since being on a "wedding budget" (I don't know why I quoted that, it's like it's not real or something), I've been doing good about not buying unnecessary stuff...except when it's on a sale and I can't stand not to have it.  Obviously.  These Gap promotional codes can help save money, even when you aren't on a wedding budget!

Club Monaco sweater dress and belt, Hue tights, Coach oxfords
Steal of the month - I was admittedly looking for a birthday present for my friend at Bloomingdales when I saw these fabulous Coach oxfords on sale...for $160...then an ADDITIONAL 50% off. I mean, I had to buy them.  Isn't it like, against the law NOT to?  When Ryan caught me trying on these shoes, he immediately said "Oh I didn't realize that you and [friend] wear the same size shoe."  My response: "We don't."

I'm also wearing Revlon's Lip Butter after every person in the world either asked or raved about them.  I have slim pickins at my local Target but found one in Sugar Plum.  I actually really like it for everyday office wear.

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  1. Those shoes look better than i thought they would, and on top of that, WHAT A DEAL!

    Wow, and what a view from those offices. I can hear the seagulls from my computer!

  2. I work at Ogilvy here in NYC! We took over an old chocolate factory so its always reffered to the chocolate factory :)


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