Feb 8, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up

I know I've been MIA lately because of the ENGAGEMENT, holidays, and travel, but one of my favorite things to do as a stalker is look at everyone's Christmas and holiday photos....and really, who isn't a voyeur?

So without further ado, here is a quick wrap up of the past few weeks!

Christmas Eve at Ryan's (our first as an engaged couple!).  And YES, Ryan is totally wearing an ascot.  I bought it for him, lol.
This is Dallas, she hates her life.

That night I flew to Ohio (the lovely red-eye flight) for Christmas with my family:
 New Year's Eve was family-filled, like our Christmas, except this time, I totally got my sister wasted (like THROW UP WASTED) and blamed it on under-cooked eggrolls.  And you know what?  PEOPLE BELIEVED ME.

As soon as I got back from Ohio, Tramanh, Tu, May and Calvin came to visit...and YOUKNOW how that goes:
So now the part of catching you up is done, I can start blogging, regularly, right, RIGHT? 

Here's what I'm having a hard time with - I'm on a tight budget with the wedding (I mean, I've looked at prices per head for open bars and I nearly shit myself), and don't even get me started on wedding dresses!  So I'm out of a budget for shopping for new clothes, unless you know, it's like, super cute and die-worthy.   Maybe I'll back to how I started - random thoughts, my outings, and of course, beauty stuff. 

On a side note - thanks to all of the Ask Phivy readers who haven't forgotten about me and my blog.  I promise to upkeep this...STARTING...NOW!


  1. congrats on being engaged!!! i just watched your video and you guys are so cute =) you look lovely, hope you'll update us on all your planning and whatnot

  2. jeebus you've got so many pretty wimmenz in yer family!

    and YES start updating regularly...i don't read very many blogs anymore but for some reason i keep checking yours and am sad when there's nothing new haha

  3. Yay there's an update! Looks like you had a nice holiday. Hope the planning doesn't get too crazy for you. :)

  4. Congrats on the engagement! My sister got her ML dress at the sample sale in DTLA and paid $1800 for what would have normally been $7k. I think the next one is in June.





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