Feb 14, 2012

Funny Face

So if you read on my wedding page or follow me on Twitter, you know I got a hair cut last Sunday.  And trust me, I NEEDED IT.  My hair was so long.  Like, uber long.  Like, super-duper long.  Long enough that when people saw pictures of me, the first thing they would say is "Wow, your hair is like, really long."  I mean, is that a good thing?  Is it a bad thing?  Pretty  neutral, I guess.  But it was pretty stringy and lifeless.  Just kind of...there.  Growing.  Always growing.

But my hair is also my security blanket. Which is why I cut my bangs myself.  That seemed like a big enough change without having to really change anything.  I didn't hate the bangs, but I didn't love them.  I took these pictures the day before I got a haircut.
hinge sweater, kirkland signature cami tank (from COSTCO), lululemon tights, f21 boots
i would often pretend i'm a mermaid and put my hair over my boobs
I also recently bought a new NARS lipstick called Funny Face.  It's probably one of my favorite go-to lipsticks right now.  Consistency-wise, it's a little dryer than Revlon but more moisturizing than MAC. It also is pretty pigmented so one or two swipes and you're good to go.
I took these photos in my room (hence the weird lighting) because I could not find my tripod and it was too cold to go outside, LOL.  (By cold, I mean it was like low 60s...MAYBE high 50s).  Brr!!

I cut about 4" off the bottom of my hair (so might lighter!) and added a few back layers.  The lady also texturized my bangs.  I set my next appointment for the beginning of April to get a...gasp!  Texture perm!


  1. Costco! I almost bought a pack of camis last weekend, and i regret that i didn't. Because, you know, you sort of BORROWED my only long black cami. haha.

  2. Just wanted too let you know, FYI, that the FDA came out today with their list of highest levels of lead in lipstick, ranked by color. Your exact shade is in the top 5. Just wanted you to stay aware and safe!

  3. i can't see your new hair pic, boo!! but i love your hair as it was and that lippy color on you is too pretty!

  4. low 60s is cold. anything in the 50s is inhumanely cold.

    you have good hair, man. looks so thick and shiny!

  5. I also have (had!) super duper long hair, and the first thing the hairdresser said to me was 'YOUR HAIR. SO LONG. WHY?!' He wanted to chop it all off, since he said that on my petite frame, it looked too overwhelming. OF COURSE I BALKED. It's shorter than what I initially wanted, but it will always grow back. Feels so good to have shape to my hair again!


  6. I'm in desperate need of a haircut too!!! My hair is pretty much the same length as your before picture. I just don't know where to go - I've been looking for a new place. Suggestions?


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