Feb 9, 2012

Spring 2012: F21 Picks!

I normally don't put my "picks" for Spring or whatever season, normally because it's not the same seeing it on a model or a collage than it is on an actual HUMAN BEING with a normal body.  But Tramanh and I were recently asked to post our favorite picks for F21 as well as our spring trends, so I thought I would do it here!  I mean, just because I have to save for a wedding doesn't mean I can't browse?  All look...no touch.  Much like strip clubs.

This year, spring is all about being feminine and flowy, and this year, about prints and sheer materials.  I love Fall/Winter for structured skirts and dresses, but when the flowers start blooming, don't you want your dress to do the same?  Or your onion (aka: the bloomin' onion...you guys know what I'm talking about).
Abstract Leaf Dress, Flutter Sleeve Dress, Flutter Sleeve Chiffon Dress, Zig Zag Ikat Print Dress, Tiny Umbrella Dress, Forrest Floral Dress
Spring in LA is weird because sometimes it feels like winter (aka: high 60s) but sometimes it feels like summer (low 90s), WTF am I supposed to do with that weather?  A combination of skirts, shorts, and jeans is clearly my only solution.  I know that everyone is on the colored-jean wagon, but I don't know, I don't see myself wearing hot-pink skinny jeans...just so...not me (and kinda gross).  Instead, I chose loose skirts, some shorts, and of course, BOYFRIEND jeans.  I hope this trend never goes away...I'm just too lazy to have muffin top.
Petite Stretch Skinny Jeans, Suedette Shorts, Pleated A-Line Skirt, Destroyed Skinny Jeans, Destroyed High Rise Denim Hot Shorts, Flowy Cascade Skirt
For tops, I like effortless tops that drape across your body and that allows you to eat said bloomin' onion (man, I need to go to Outback Steakhouse).  The thing about F21 shirts is that while I think they look great on these models, I'm skeptical on how they'll look on my long-torso, especially since some shirts look on the shorter-end.  Either way, I just bought an epilator so I'm excited to wear more tanks! And that cat sweater-shirt made me laugh so I'm adding it.
Sleeveless Shirt, Sequin Scallop Top, V-Back Top, Contrast Collar Tank, Draped Shirt, Kitty Drawing Top
Surprisingly, F21 didn't have that many shoe choices online though I think in-store, they're expanding their shoe collection.  Here's my gripe about F21 shoes - I have a few pairs, but the heels have broken OFF (like completely off) on two of my heels!  Though I did get them fixed at my local shoe repair, it cost me another $25 to do so and honestly, the whole point of F21 shoes is that they're affordable.  When I end up paying another $25 to get them fixed or reinforced, it kind of defeats the purpose of finding the deal.  Hopefully the chunky heels I chose will fair better.  That, or I need to stop walking like an elephant.
Scallop  Lace Ballet Flats, Braided Metallic Toe Sandals, Open Toe Platforms, Lace Up Tennis Shoes, Abstract Oxfords, Chunky Ankle Strap Heels 
Miscellaneous stuff.  Now who hasn't gone to F21 and was like "Ooh, nail polish!  Ooh, bracelets!  Ooh!  A hat!" - it's no different online either.  They have over 37 pages (at 100 products per page) full of accessories.  Talk about @__@.  Here are some random accessories/things that would be cool to have, including a chip clip that makes an "oink" noise every time you open it.  That's a total deterrent (no it's not, nothing gets in between me and my chip addiction).  Speaking of great miscellaneous stuff, Target has a great selection - here is a Target coupon for my readers.  Now back to my F21 picks: 
Mixed Print Headwrap, Buckle Trim Hat, Suede Fringe Crossbody, Contrast Strap Belt, Looped Hinge Bracelet, Talking Pig Bag Clip
There you have it - some trends, some picks, and some secrets (now you know how much I love the blooming onion).  After browsing for so long...maybe I CAN squeeze in a few new items in my wedding budget.  I mean, I gotta look good to go check out vendors and venues, right?  RIGHT?


  1. That cat shirt is cute! but i don't want to look even more like a crazy cat person. Only cute non-cat-people look normal in it.

    And, it sound like it's almost lunch time in LA.


    i need one. now.


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