Feb 10, 2012

What a Faux Pas

Earlier in January, Ryan and I had a small engagement dinner where our two families could meet and socialize.  My family from Ohio happened to be in town so it worked out perfectly - we didn't want our families to meet at the wedding for the first time, so my family hosted Ryan's family at Brodard Chateau, a Vietnamese restaurant in Garden Grove.

I'm an avid photo-taker at events, so is my sister, Christine, but I didn't want either of us to worry about taking pictures of the night that we would miss out on the real fun.  So we asked Ryan's cousin, JD and Jeck of JD Fauxto to document the night for us.  Now, I may be biased because these two kids are my future cousins-in-law, but admittedly, I was really impressed with the work that they did.  Check out some of my favorite pictures:
But also, can I just say that my favorite part of the night was my retro-inspired red dress?  I got it from a Bettie Page in San Diego.  I actually bought it in the summer, but finally found the perfect occasion to wear it.
JD Fauxto also has a photobooth for events, they recently set one up for their cousin's congratulatory party for passing the bar...and YOU KNOW I had to take a couple.  The graphics (of the Ace Attorney videogame) are all customized, so they'll change based on the event and your style, pretty sweet.
So if you guys are in SoCal and need up and coming photographers to take photos for yourself, for an event, or a photobooth, check out their stuff (and tell them their most beautiful cousin-in-law sent you).


  1. What a gorgeous red dress! You look amazing and congrats again on the engagement!

  2. Steph, you look absolutely AMAZING in that dress. It fits you to a tee!



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