Feb 20, 2012

Weekend Update

This President's Day weekend I went to visit Ryan's sister, Jenny, who lives in Santa Rosa.  She also happens to be engaged and her fiance (who lives in Virginia) surprised her by visiting us!  (For the record, he knew I was in town before he bought his plane tickets, so it's not like I crashed his romantic plans).

We went to visit a few wineries, which turned into an impromptu engagement photoshoot for them.  I only had a simple point-and-shoot camera, so it's not like these were going to be PROFESSIONAL quality, but I'm pretty happy with quite a few (if I do say so myself):

Admittedly, I was like, "Heyyy, I want pictures too!" so her fiance was nice enough to take a few photos to prove that I too, was there (this is probably why I am not a professional photographer).  Some of my favorites:

This week I'm back to the Bay Area for a few days, then back home, then to Chicago.  That probably means more picture of me in a hotel room (NOT LIKE THAT...that'll cost you).

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  1. (NOT LIKE THAT...that'll cost you)."


  2. Great pictures!
    Lol you as a photographer is totally "hey take pictures of me too!"


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