Apr 4, 2012

Middle of Nowhere

Ryan and I recently won a silent auction to stay a free night at the Four Seasons hotel in Vegas...HELLO, fabulous much?  Except, it's only valid Sunday - Thursday (trickery!) so we took Monday and Tuesday off to stay redeem our very fancy gift card.

Of course Ryan drove most of the way, but when he wanted to switch drivers, we pulled over in the middle of nowhere and I half-jokingly said, "PHOTOSHOOT?!" to which Ryan said, "Sure!" (actually more like, "Sure...." - a lot less enthusiastic) and before I knew it, I was treking in my 3 1/2" heels in gravel and dirt to take photos off the freeway.

I always love when girls are taking pictures in the middle of nowhere...but HOW DO THEY GET THERE?  Where are these fields and deserts? Apparently on the way to Vegas.
lululemon leggings, max studio jacket, h&m scarf, coach oxfords, paul smith sunglasses

When Ryan and I looked down the hill we were standing on...we saw an abandoned school bus...scary to most (me) but not enough to not want to take pictures!  Vanity > Scariness
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  1. Hahaha YESSSSS! Ultimate score! I'm glad you and Ryan stopped to snap some photos :) SO worth the abandoned bus scare! :)

  2. Nice spontaneous photoshoot! Glad there weren't any scary people or snakes lurking in that bus.

  3. So gorgeous! love all the pictures. Gosh Ryan is such a great photographer. I always ask my husband to take pictures of me and it turns out so bad, always have to self time and take pictures of myself. very jealous of your pictures!

  4. How random to find an abandoned school bus? But your pictures turned out great!

  5. The pictures are fabulous! Love the last 'action' shot. Nothing like a good ol' wind-in-your-hair picture to complete a photoshoot!


  6. "I always love when girls are taking pictures in the middle of nowhere...but HOW DO THEY GET THERE?"

    hahaha yessss i always wonder the same thing!


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