Apr 20, 2012

Week in Review

Nothing too crazy happened this week, except that my office had a running inside joke revolving my sad/lonesome face during our weekly status meetings.  We use Google+ hangout since we work in different locations and my coworker screengrabbed me...which launched a week-long captioning contest.  Some of my favorites:
This is now my Facebook cover photo:

Other pictures from the week:
a secret santa gift from my creative director that i still use: deborah lippmann in happy birthday
obligatory self-potrait in playa vista
clippers vs okc basketball game
dallas at french market cafe in venice
my old coworker's dog (that i gave him), reese
Dallas when we first got her (8 weeks old) | Dallas at almost 7 months.  


  1. Look at how small Dallas was!!! :D

    Haha, I like the Starbucks meme the best. I like how you're resting ON a starbucks tumbler.

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  3. Aw! Your dog is so cute! My favorite is the Starbucks meme too. If I go a few days without Starbucks, I'm in trouble, lol.

  4. hahahaha your coworkers are awesome!

  5. lolz - That was me that recognized you at Corner Bakery. Sorry if your coworkers are giving you a hard time about that. :/ These are hilarious!


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