Apr 16, 2012

Sunlight of Awesomeness

Steph: "What should I name this post?" [Shows pictures]
Ryan: "Sunlight of Awesomeness."
Was he calling my bluff?  Who's laughing now?! HUH?  I feel like my readers are (at me).

Yesterday was Ryan's birthday (he's 32) and how did we celebrate?  Well, we went to Busby's on Friday in celebration of both of our birthdays (okay, in the email blast I may or may not have remembered to tell people that it was also Ryan's birthday).  More importantly, we spent his birthday taking pictures of me.  Sounds like a fabulous birthday if you ask me!

On a mission to 'scout' more photoshoot locations, Ryan and I forgot about a small trail just down Playa Vista.  It's by a marsh filled with birds and wildlife, but there are some trails (and more importantly, not a lot cars), which is great for me being self-conscious about taking photos while people watch!  I used to dislike Ryan taking my blog photos, but after seeing the quality difference (and seeing how much more interesting they are), I have to admit, this might be something I can get used to...and something he's really going to despise.
mossimo tank, kut jacket, lululemon leggings, cole haan booties, zegna sunglasses, hermes bracelet
Our birthday celebration at Busby's was a lot of fun.  Really Asian (like, REALLY Asian), but still a lot of fun.  Fun that we don't remember.  The best kind of fun.

The night started off at Umami Burger (my first time), I had a pastrami burger.  Not a burger made of pastrami meat, no.  It was a cheeseburger WITH PASTRAMI ON TOP.
pmn tank, express shorts, top shop tights, LAMB heels, north face jacket (lol)
ryan saw the light
Then off to Busby's where the girls got in, the guys paid cover, and I got only ONE free drink ticket but my friend found 4 on the floor.
a couple that has april birthdays...stay together? that doesn't sound right.
my good friend, melissa b
Fellow blogger (turned friend), Evil Midori, also came out, which I was super excited for.  She got along swimmingly with my friends, even though we half-heartedly joked that we had a meth problem and asked her to pay her "share" of our meal at Umami even though she didn't eat anything.
how do you guys know each other? THE INTERWEBZ.
You know on AskPhivy, readers ask us to do meet-ups?  And you know how I'm like, "OMG guys, just email me, we'll hang out."  Well one of my readers did and you know what?  She's now a friend and we hang out on the regular.  SO MANY ONLINE FRIENDS!
see, totes not pervy.
After hours of drunkness, where does one go for food?  A fine establishment like Denny's and IHOP of course.  Obviously the only criteria is that they're open 24-hours.  We went to IHOP and once my vodka jacket wore off and my actual jacket was at home...this was me for the rest of the night:
so cold. want to die.
Credit to Evil Midori for the fab photos!

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  1. Love that jacket that you're wearing in the first outfit photos!


  2. LOL Ryan's "enlightened" photo!

    Looks like you guys had a fun birthday! A couple that has April birthdays...remembers to do their taxes? nvm.


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