Apr 11, 2012

Slim Shady

I don't really think I have a FLAT nose...though when I was younger, I felt it was too big for my face, but I do think I grew into it.  Like how puppies grown into their paws and ears.  Case in point:
Now with the miracles of makeup, I thought I'd try slimming my nose to create a higher bridge and slimmer frame for my face all with shadowing and contouring.  I mean, it works wonders with Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, I could TRY, right?

Now, I'm not saying I did a great job.  This is my first time after all, but I did want to post my experience about it and eventually, I'll hopefully get better at it.

P.S. I took these pictures without thinking I would post about contouring my nose, so forgive the wider-angled shots.  Just pay attention to my nose, lol.

I think the first thing you need is the proper color.  It's one thing to have a nice deep brown for your eyes, but when you start applying it on your actual FACE, it's a lot different.  You want the color to be subtle yet noticeable.  You want it to look like a natural shadow or contour, not dirty or misplaced bronzer.  So a flat, taupe might be the best bet.  I used a brown because taupe wasn't really showing up and bronzers typically have a shimmer or can be a little too red in tone.
Next, it's about application...I can't figure out where it should START and end...most beauty experts put start contouring right by the eyebrows...I feel like that is just SO high...but it does create depth and height, so what do I know.
I applied a brown shadow to the sides of my nose then carefully blended down.  I wanted to create a higher bridge but without making it look like I had received a black eye in the process.  It was a lot of smudging, blending, and adding a little more color:  I tried to narrow the "tip" of my nose but honestly gave up after it looked like I had a snout.
Lastly, I added a slight shimmer to the top of my nose; supposedly this highlight should add more height to the depth you've already created on the sides.  I think I did a pretty subtle job, but maybe I'll work on it for photographs...so that it will be a little more evident.
I'm still on the fence about it because I'm still practicing...I want to get better at it, but when I showed my sister her first comment was, "Oh THAT'S why you looked half-white." but then proceeded to comment, "Don't forget...less nose means MOAR face."  That's true.  I don't want to be so busy slimming my nose that all of a sudden my cheeks look humungous!  Then I'll send more time slimming those down too!

Oh to be a girl!!  Woe is me.

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  1. lol NICE TITLE.

    Yep, gotta make sure the proportions are good when you change the "size" of something! Looks good for the first try!

  2. Hmmm it does look like you have a slimmer, higher bridge in these photos, but then again, I think need a straight on shot to really tell if this worked or not! I've tried this before as well, but it looked WAY better in photos and just dirty IRL haha


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