Apr 12, 2012


If you're expecting this post to be of half of my ass, shame on you!  That's another site that I get paid to do.

No!  They don't pay me.

Anyway, I've been so lazy trying to set up my tripod lately because it keeps sticking and I keep wanting to throw it off a building, so here are some crap photos of me in my work bathroom.

I bought this knitted sweater thinking it was cool and comfortable, but in fact, it keeps falling off my shoulder and people have likened it to a flying squirrel.  So much for either of those two things.  I do like that it's something I can throw on top of leggings though.
lululemon leggings, mak sweater, cole haan booties

What's the opposite of getting a perm?  Getting your hair straightened?  Because that's pretty much what my hair looks like now.  This morning I did use hot rollers to curl it and though it's holding better than it did before, I'm still kind of regretting not doing a digi perm.  Damn you body perm!

Lastly, here's a picture of Dallas smelling succulent flowers on our morning walk:

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  1. Looks comfy!

    Glad this isn't a video post. Probably toilets flushing and farts going on in that bathroom.


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