Apr 9, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm definitely trying to do better about blogging more and I feel like recapping weeks and weekends are the perfect excuse opportunity for me to obnoxiously chronicle everything.

On Friday, I went to my second Pilates class.  A reader (turned friend!) invited me to try Pilates with her at Sweat Pilates in Culver City a few weeks ago.  It was great!  It worked my core, my back, and my inner thighs.  We had a great time.  I realized it was the perfect addition to my cardio I do on my own.  So when I wanted to sign up for another class, Ryan and I did some research and another studio, Pilates Platinum, had more classes at a better bulk rate, so I checked it out.

I actually ended up buying a 10-class package because I knew I'd want to stick with it.  It was my first time at that studio...and it kicked my sorry ass from here to China.  Not only was the class 10x faster than my original class in pace and in expertise (did I accidentally sign up for the expert series?!), but every person there knew what she was doing...except me.  Luckily the instructor was nice enough to turn off her mic when she scolded told me I was completely tangled in my straps with the machine going all crazy.

I left the class and could barely walk to my car.

Saturday morning it felt as if I got hit by a semi truck.  I could not move.  Couldn't get my legs over the edge of the bed.  Couldn't raise my arms to put my bathrobe on.  I was a mess.  But a good mess.  I haven't felt that sore in years!  I was so sore, I couldn't get out of bed until 2pm!  But eventually I did get up, went to Easter Vigil with Ryan and my sponsor, Rhona, and afterwards went to Sunny Spot in Venice for a late dinner.

Easter is one of those holidays I kind of wish I had babies or more friends with babies where we could do cute things like Easter egg hunts and egg decorations.  But it was just me and Ryan.  So we went to Old Town Pasadena.  Not very Easter-like at all.

But first!  I was so proud of my fancy morning breakfast that I enjoyed outside in my backyard: pate and a caprese salad and my favorite mug I bought from Austin, Tx:

And Dallas, who kept trying to smell the air around the pate.

Ryan and I happened to stumble across a great restaurant, Villa Sorriso, that had its Sunday Brunch Buffet for $39/pp!  Oh, you had me a buffet.  From prawns to oysters to an omlette station, this place had the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch.

Lastly, Ryan and I enjoyed the surprisingly 80-degree weather in Pasadena where I made him take pictures of my new favorite (and easy!) hairstyle:  the wrap around bun:

How were your weekends?  I would love to hear cute Easter stories!  Hop hop hop!  

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  1. Your Sunday Brunch Buffet plate is killing me! "You're killing me Larry!"

    What a nice, quiet Easter! Can't wait for future kiddos that you can dress up and go hop hop hop!

  2. i like villa sorriso! i've only been there for dinner, though, and vv got a stomachache after we ate there (i was fine though, even though i ate his food, so it was possibly unrelated) and we haven't been back.

    i've been thinking of signing up for classes...pilates or barre or something. nothing i do at the gym makes me sore any more and i'm pretty sure it's because i don't work out thoroughly and not because i'm in awesome shape.


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