Sep 11, 2012

All Saints

Sarah bought this All Saints dress (which, by the way, I keep typing ALL STAINS) last year in Chicago and just didn't like how it looked on she donated it to me to see if it I'd like it any better. It had all of  my favorite elements: Sequin! Low-cut! Black! Loose-fitting! The only drawback was that it was kind of long (and since I have short legs, it wasn't hitting me at the best angle). Though that may be the case, I still wore it because I wasn't feeling my typical black tank and black skirt combo. So a black dress was better? Yes. Shuttup.

Surprisingly, the dress never shifted (I think the sequin makes the dress super heavy so it sits in place) and my tatas never made an appearance! Good thing because ain't nothin' could go under this dress. We wore these outfits for our night of CLUBBIN' - we went to Pure in Caesars Palace where Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) performed. In true Vegas-fashion, I have no recollection of him there. Apparently it was a good show? *shrug*
steph: all saints dress, lamb heels / sarah: topshop top

And of course, an outtake of me messing around while Ryan tests out the lighting. My posing skills just get better and better!
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  1. Oh man, maybe you don't recall that night because of all the FREE DRANKS the guys were getting you both!

  2. OH my gosh you look contorted in a freakish way in that last photo, LOL.


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