Sep 5, 2012

I Got it From My Mama

Literally, I saw a picture of my mom wearing this dress and I said to her, "Aw mom, such a cute dress!" and 4 days later, it was in the mail for me. BEST MOM EVAR! I love her.
lucy & laurel dress, club monaco belt, mossimo heels

I've had these leopard print heels since COLLEGE and I rarely (if ever) wore them. Now that leopard is the print for Fall, it's time to dust them off and finally stretch these out!

It's been a full week since I'm on my diet-vacation and I miss working out and eating right, but it's hard when besties are in town and partying and working trump making turkey rolls, lol.


  1. The dress looks good on you! And i can't even tell that you've taken a break from the dieting.

    1. Because these pics were taken PRIOR to the diet-break. LOL.


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