Sep 26, 2012

Your Eyes Are Like Mine

I recently was able to spend some quality time with my beautiful family - my older sister Nina, her husband Drew, and their two adorables, Ripley and Ryder. You might remember Ripley from a few posts a couple of years back when we visited DC and they came to visit us in CA.

Nina is my older sister (technically half-sister, but we've dropped the "half" formality a long time ago) and I'm always so excited when they come into town. Ryan and I only visited them once in DC, and with the impending wedding coming up, it looks like we might not be able to until after it (just so we can save up).  Being 1 and 3, I was surprised when Ryder and Ripley remembered us - or at least, wasn't afraid of us. Nina mentioned that it was partially due to the fact that I made Ripley a picture book of our trip to DC and since then, she knows our faces and names. I'm telling you - it was the best present, especially when you're an auntie who doesn't live locally. It's great for them to recognize you and there is no "warm up" period. Couldn't recommend it more for gifts!

Ryan and I took some family portraits for them...and unless you have a 1 and 3 year old, you really have no idea how complicated and difficult it is to get two faces looking at the same camera at the same time (without crying that is). We tried as hard as we could...wasn't that successful but we got a few!

Hands-down, one of my favorite moments was when I was sitting with Ripley and she looked in the mirror and said, "Hey! Your eyes are like my eyes!" I melted. We bonded.
Needless to say, I cannot wait for these two to be walking down the aisle in front of me as flower girls and having my older sissy as a Matron of Honor. Gonna be a good time.

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  1. Lol, that picture of Ripley giving the smackdown to Ryder cracks me up. SISSIES part 2!

  2. they are the cutest, love the same eyes, lol
    love ur blog too.. so Ill follow u, hope u wont mind to follow me too..

    looking forward to have ur name on my blog. <3


  3. Thanks for posting these pics! Just catching up now. We miss you tons and thanks for the fabulous photo shoot! We are looking forward to your wedding next year too. Love you, your big sissy!


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