Sep 10, 2012

Jesus take the Wheel

Last week, I had my coworker/bestie from Chicago visit for a week to 1) visit because she's the best and 2) to test working in our LA office. She's thinking (and has decided to) move to LA and I couldn't be happier. Part of her trip to LA was a trip to Las Vegas since she hadn't gone in a few years and never with friends. As our usual, Ryan found that deserted bus in our last Vegas trip (seen here) and we decided to do a sequel!

I will say taking photos with two girls is a lot different than Ryan taking photos of just me. I'm just used to taking 1,000 photos and editing the ones I hate, but when you take another person into account, you want to make sure she likes the photos she's in too. And as girls are, if she liked a photo, I hated it, and if I liked a photo, she hated it. It made me lol.

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  1. Cool pics! You guys are naturals, especially that "emo" pose.


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