Jul 29, 2009

Deep Blue Sea

So blue is a tricky color in general...unless you like this look. But I find it to be even more true if you're trying to rock blue at work AND if you're Asian. You've seen those lovely Asians (ahem FOBS) who wear the light and bright blues, and all you think is, "oh girl...oh honey, no no no...oh wow, no, what? why? did you see yourself? no! NO!!!!" and then you repeatedly hit your head against a wall. No? Just me? You feel me though, right?

Vy from Cest Lavy was kind enough to send over several MAC pigments that were overflowing her counters, and I was more than happy to take some make up off her hands. This inspired me to incorporate a little more color to my eyeshadows, and since I'm boring and wore a blue polo to work, might as well have fun with the shadows!

Step 1: Prep your face - concealer, powder, etc.

i always blow out my checks and hold my breath while powdering my face. sexay!

Step 2: Apply a cream shadow all over eyelids

using MAC's Pearl cream shadow

Step 3: Apply a dark brown eyeshadow over the bottom of your upper lids and extend up to a V-shape halfway on your crease
using the brown from Loreal's HiP dual eyeshadow in Braze

Step 4: BLEND (up & out)
blended with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and used MAC's Era - whatta difference blending makes!

Step 5: Create emphasis with black shadow along the outer corners & crease
using MAC's Carbon

Step 6: Lightly apply a deep blue shadow to the outer corners (loose eyeshadow may work best to avoid over-powering)
using MAC's loose pigment in Bell Bottom Blue

Step 7: Curl your eyelashes
using Shu Uemera eyelash curler - a must have!

Step 8: Line upper & lower lids with black liquid liner
(go about halfway on your lower lashline) and line your lower waterline with a white liner, mascara. Take an angled brush and apply the blue shadow on your lower lids, below the black liner.

using NYC's liquid liner in black and Nars' white pencil

Step 9: Blush

using Nars Silvana (where I suck my cheeks in) and Nars Angelika on my cheek bones

Step 10: Realize that the lighting sucks indoors and resort to taking pictures in your car on the way to work.
the scar on my arm is from burning myself while ironing, although it looks scarier than it really is.
Good luck! Or should I say: guck luck!
image source: cakewrecks.blogspot.com


  1. blue has NEVER worked on me...or at least, i could never master the look...i always look like a character from a bad 80s sitcom. hahahaha.

  2. love that blue color on you...you always look amazing w/ different eyeshadows...

  3. Wow! Great post!!! You are so talented!! I'll bring my make-up stash back up once again and try this one out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great tips!! And that shadow looks awesome on you.

  5. I love your eye makeup! Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. you are so good, it's annoying. hehe. i took that from you...anywho, i love blue shadow. when done right of course. i like the way you're workin it. all smoky and shhhiiitt. LOVE it!!!

  7. I love this! i need to practice, practice!

  8. love the look! very sexy and sultry :)

  9. Sweeeet! Blue looks so good on you. Tried the orangy one yet? It's one of my favs.

  10. guck luck.. bahhaha! and i love your "powdering the face" face. ;P awesome.

  11. haha, it really does look like someone (a giant) is putting makeup on you.

    I learned a couple of tips. Guck luck on your next tutorial!

  12. pretty! you inspired me to do a blue eye tonight!

  13. Nice job on the blues! Did you only apply the blue to the outer corners, cuz in the photo it looks like you did the whole lower half if your eyelid?

  14. thanks for sharing! i don't know how to do eyeshadow because i'm afraid of putting too much on, but you explained it very well. i'm going to try it your way!

  15. Nice tutorial.

    The blue suits you well!!

  16. there's a whole blog dedicated to messed up cakes!? must peruse!


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