Jul 9, 2009

Party for One?

Have been feeling a little uninspired lately. Actually, I take that back - I've been inspired, but from different things...like cooking...and crafts. Not fashion and make-up. Do you guys go through swings like that? I obsess over something for like 2 weeks, then get over it, find something else to obsess about for another 2 weeks, then I'm over it.

Well at least I decided to dress somewhat cool today. Haha. For the past week, it's been about jeans and a polo. Definitely not blog-worthy.

ruffle shirt: ross, skirt & belt: style xpress, heels: can't remember!
my toes = vienna sausages.
Feels like I'm a maitre d' at a fancy restaurant, but hey, it works! I'll start posting up pictures of my crafts and any nommy foods that I cook up. I'm having a housewarming party with my two roommies (don't mind the fact that I've been living there since October 2008) - we got a new roommate, we made over the apartment, and it's time to finally have people over. Pictures of that this weekend.

Here's one of the two party favors I made:
All that this required was: jars, sand, sea shells, and tea lights - all purchased from Michael's. A great way to set the ambiance and add a little flair to our dimly-lit apartment. Since I had some leftover shells and candles, I trimmed some of the tealights down to fit inside the shells and repurposed the jar lids as a base if the wax spills over.

What are your latest obsessions?

P.S. I apologize that I've been blog-absent as of late (both in visiting my fellow bloggers and in updating). I hope to get back on track ASAP. Thanks for your patience. <3.


  1. I love that outfit!
    I go thru phases too. I will buy nothing but dresses then realize I have no cute tops then buy nothing but tops.... Haha.

  2. hi honey! you look fabulous. just so you know you always inspire me to dress cute. i normally don't give a frick what i look like at work but now i'm all about it. lol. have fun at your housewarming. oh and my latest obsession...fro-yo. when's it gonna end?!

  3. What a gorgeous outfit! And don't worry, I go through phases like that too. But crafts and cooking are awesome hobbies, so I hope they last along with your amazing fashion style and make-up tips!

    Btw, I've been kind of MIA with blogging/catching up on blogs myself, so I totally understand :)

  4. haha ur vienna sausage toes are adorable!
    btw, u look super hawt it that outfit.

  5. hey sexxxxxaaayyy lady! haha! you are so cute in your outfit! i have the same shoes.. okay not exactly the same but close enough :) and you have the awesomest hair ever! oh and i love that you're artsy too! my latest obsession? probably my shirt making. im a frequent at michaels and they keep reeeling me back in with their marketing ploys of giving me a coupon everytime i buy something!!! haha!

  6. so fabulous! hot mama!

    I do the same thing ...I actually never intended my blog to be about fashion ...but I just keep going back to it ...it's clearly my biggest passion.

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  8. lol, my first comment sounded kinda weird. take 2! anyways, nice outfit and i love the b/w pic!

  9. love ur outfit and the artistic craft...
    i too tried to make sushi at home but it wasn't as pretty as the restaurant...but it taste ok though...hopefully the presentation will get better soon...


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