Jul 21, 2009

Please Don't Go

Don't go!! I'm begging you to stay...


That's me. No excuses, I'm just terrible. Especially because I've worked hard on having you guys come visit me and I love you and your comments, and I especially love your guys' updates. Hopefully I can salvage our relationship. Hearts all around.

As I mentioned, I've been...uninspired by what's going on lately in fashion. Hipster 80's? Meh, can't really rock it. Glittery make-up? Well I'm not 12, so why would I want to look like I dipped my face in Crayola glitter? So I've turned my attention to other things: cooking, baking, and photography. I'm not good at ANY of those. But hey, practice makes perfect.

I didn't take any pictures of my baked goods, but here are some photographs of The Americana in Glendale. I'm trying to find the "beauty" in everyday things - I'm so inspired by all of your guys' photographs...that it makes me want to do the same.

the random chanelier hanging in the middle of the street
pinkberry, of course.
I also spent all-day Sunday at CSUN (Cal State Northridge) where it was literally 105-degrees in an NON-air conditioned gym, where two basketball and one volleyball game was taking place simultaneously, for Ryan's basketball tournament.

rye bread, perfecting his shot
Since I have a company dinner tonight at BLT Steak, I decided to dress up a little, but we're still a casual company, so a t-shirt and skirt seemed like a great medium.

I'm teeter-tottering if this skirt is too much of a "fall" look with houndstooth print and it being wool (and it is 1 million degrees), but with a short-sleeved shirt and open-toed heels, I'm hoping it balances the look. In addition, a rocker-ish ponytail keeps it casual without looking messy!

shirt & skirt: banana republic

Back to regular postings, I promise. I hope.


  1. At least when you update, you have cool pics and something interesting to read! Mmm, Pinkberry! Better yet, Yogurtland!

  2. aww, you're not bad at all. what are you talking about? it's me that's pretty bad! i never update. hahaha... i love your hair here. funny how i always notice hair first but when it comes to my own, it's the last thing i tend to. yikes..

  3. Glad to see you back! Your cute outfits are wonderful to see & that random chandelier is going to make it on my blog somehow {linked back to you of course!}

  4. love the chandelier and feris wheel!!!

  5. there she is!!! i've missed you girlie. don't worry about not being into the hipater 80s look...it's not for everyone, i love it though. but i'm with ya on the glittery make-up. leave that for the 12 year olds and strippers. word.

  6. you look absolutely adorable! i'm totally inspired!

    ps, all's forgiven with the irregular updates :oD

  7. jeeeepers, i was starting to wonder where you were! hehe! and whoa... a chandelier in the middle of the street? thats AWESOME! you took a great shot of it too. oh and i love the shot of ryan alone on the court. glad to have you back! :)

  8. I'm trying to find the "beauty" in everyday things

    girl that's TOTALLY what i'm all about when it comes to photography. except i've been feeling totally not into it lately haha. i really love that photo of your bf on the court, it's gorgeous!

    you look totally dressed up for working at a game company haha...but as far as i'm concerned the beauty of working at a casual company is being able to dress up or down as much as you want. i'm at a fairly casual company too (engineers don't care about what they look like) but go into the office in a dress or skirt + heels more days than not. ROCK THAT SHIT

  9. I love these images. Pinkberry, DROOL!! And loving that skirt!

  10. haaha, don't worry about a thing hun, we're not going anywhere. That outfit you wore is fab! I totally wish I could pull something like that off, but I can't :(
    Anyways, keep up the good work, no worries! :)

  11. The whole look is so fabulous! Really digging the pony!

  12. you seriously always have the best hair....you look great and I love those photos!!!

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  14. Oh i love that skirt...sigh!


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